Book Review- The One You Cannot Have

Is it that easy
to forget your ‘first love’?

Is it that easy
to bury a relationship that gave you so much emotionally?

it that easy to put up a smiling face and embrace a new relationship with a
heart full of love?

isn’t, trust me! Every moment your heart cries and each day seems an endless
wait. Goodbyes do hurt and if there are things left unsaid, they even hurt
more. At times, you wish to run away from everyone and everything, as the
burden of your past leaves a heavy weight on your Life. You seem to have lost
control over your thoughts and all you keep thinking is about, ‘The One YouCannot Have’!

PreetiShenoy, a Wife, Mother, Blogger, an Artist, a Best-selling Author, Ted X
speaker and above all a wonderful human being, brings you a tale of unrequited
love, weaved with emotions that will take you down the memory lane and make you
think about that one relationship which you cannot have. I wonder how Preeti manages to get an innovative and unique title for each of her books. Also the book cover is so beautiful and amazing!

One You Cannot Have’ (TOUCH), revolves around the lives of Aman, Shruti and
Anjali. Aman finds it difficult to get over Shruti, who dumped him, while
Shruti tries to be a ‘perfect’ wife to Rishabh. Anjali writes about
relationships and men, yet struggles to express her feelings for Aman. The
story is simple and I am sure most of us have had or know people who have had
broken relationships in the past. The simplicity of the story, relatable
characters and wonderful narration from a male perspective, makes TOUCH a
fantastic read.  The story is narrated by
Aman, Shruti and Anjali’s point of view and that makes it different from Preeti’s
earlier books.

best part about Preeti’s writing is you feel as if the protagonists are
narrating their story to you. I felt Aman’s pain, Shruti’s helplessness,
Rishabh’s anger and Anjali’s confusion. Dipika was quite a surprise and her
character managed to lighten the entangled emotions. I found the tips on Dating and Relationships also quite
useful. Preeti has raised so many trivial, yet important issues related to
married woman. Societal pressures, the struggle to be a perfect daughter-in-law
and parental interference these really make the book more realistic.

 Preeti says this tale is about unrequited love;
however I feel this tale is much more than that. It is about relationships, trust,
communication, determination, companionship and love. Like her previous books,
this book too conveys a string message to the readers. TOUCH emphasizes that if
one relationship fails, life doesn’t end.
There is more to life and if we have the strong determination to move ahead,
then we can, easily create a wonderful life, filled with Love!

I surely missed a lot, was the creative Chapter
Also I felt that the climax could have had two perspectives. One
moment I was reading the climax, and the next moment the Epilogue popped up. However, I loved these lines from the book-

love, it is a funny thing. It can elevate you to the highest peak and plunge
you to a bottomless pit.’

is a strange monster. It gobbles up relationships without leaving a trace, only
a vileness so foul the stench permeates forever, staining the very soul.’

you love reading about relationships,
then I highly recommend ‘The One You Cannot Have’ by Preeti Shenoy, for it is a
tale that will touch your heart! To know more about Preeti and her books, you
can visit her website, blog or FaceBook page.

may also want to read the earlier reviews of her book, written by me, here!

you read this book? If yes, what are your views? Do feel free to share your
valuable views in the comments section.







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