A Note

I hugged
him tightly and whispered in his ears, “Let’s get married”

have a family”, he replied

who am I?” I asked

are the fountain of love, in which I
drench my weary soul. I don’t wish to bind this love in a relationship, for
then it will become mortal”, he
replied as his fingers caressed my cheeks.
lay there, in his arms, wondering where we were heading. Next morning, he had
left, leaving a note behind
We are merely
two strangers who quench the thirst of our soul, every night.”

note said it all!

This post is a part of Write Tribe prompt, 100 Words on Saturday 2014-2. Do
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Be positive,

Be grateful,

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8 thoughts on “A Note

  1. This is probably a true occurrence in many lives. Why be with someone who can't commit to you when you can be with someone who wants to be with only you. Beautifully written and thanks for writing on my prompt.

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