Let’s Celebrate

midnight, my mobile was continuously buzzing, overflowing with Whatsapp
messages and Images that said, “Happy Women’s Day”. Few weeks back, it was the
same scenario only that the words were different,  “Happy Valentine’s
Day”. Two months down the lane, the scene would be the same, but the messages
would read like, “Happy Mother’s Day” and this whole wishing business will
continue with Daughter’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, Raksha Bandhan etc…

While we
all are busy celebrating these days, what we forget the most is that, we are humans first and then we are a man,
woman, mother, daughter, father, brother…and as human beings, we need to be
more compassionate and understanding towards each other. We all are
interdependent on each other. Imagine a day without our support systems, the
rickshawallahs, the motor-men, the bus drivers, maids, sweepers or even the
building watchman. Have you ever wondered how we would manage without them?
Many would argue that, “We pay money, so we get the services”, yes no doubt
about it, but then, imagine how it would be without them? They are human beings and the least we can do for
them, is behave with them appropriately.
I’ve seen people wishing each other happy women’s day and then shouting at the
watchman. In the previous organization where I worked, I have encountered women
speaking rudely to the Cab-drivers and Security officials.
I wondered what gave them the
authority to yell at someone who was actually assisting them? If they have committed
some mistake, I do understand that you may get angry, but when there is no fault,
how can you insult someone, so easily…?

This is
true even in households. I’ve seen girls, shout at their mothers on top of
their voice, as if she was her servant. Children (boys & girls), who would
not even bother to make a cup of tea for their parents would be the first ones
to update a “Happy Mother’s Day” status. Husbands, who would mistreat their
wives, would post photos on Facebook and write, “Celebrating Women’s Day with
my darling wife”. Parents who ignore their children, who keep shouting and
spanking for every little reason, would be the first ones to say, “How lucky I
am to have a child”

isn’t it? Who are you fooling, ask yourself…!

Staying the
comfort and cosy living room of yours and watching Satyamev Jayate-Season 2 and
talking about how India should change, how corruption should die and how
Government is not doing anything, is very easy, but to throw chocolate wrappers,
empty bottles and left over food in the dustbin at the public places is much
difficult. To shout and fight and create a scene on the road is much easier,
but to show a little bit of compassion and treating everyone with respect and dignity
is difficult.
Google Images
If you
really wish to Change, then ‘Be the Change’ and take a step forward
and celebrate the spirit of Being Human (not
the Salman Khan foundation though). Take a vow today that you will never take
family, friends, loved ones and the community helpers for granted. Everyone
comes into our lives for a reason, respect them for that and if you cannot make
them smile, at least don’t be a reason for their tears.

Learn to be
grateful, appreciate the little things that they do for you. Thank you’s and Sorry’s are at times the best medicines that a heart needs. A hug,
a comforting conversation and maybe listening to what the other person has to
share, is the biggest gift you can give to your loved ones.

this wonderful gift called life, Happy Human’s Day!

PS: This
post is a result of years of observation and if any of my words have sounded
too harsh, then I don’t apologize!

Be Grateful,
Keep Smiling

8 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate

  1. I feel its the money which makes people feel superior than others. People thinks more the more money I have more superior I am than others. Which is why the people who yells at cab drivers, watchmen never behave same way with their boses n team mates. People should know that its not money which makes people superior.

    1. Maybe money, maybe the feeling that they work for us, so they are our servants…
      Yes they are servants, but not slaves…
      Also children don't shout or hit back right…
      Thank you for ur detailed comments, anon

  2. There's absolutely nothing in that post that you should apologise for. Everything that you've mentioned is true to the core. Nothing, absolutely nothing that's harsh. If there is, it is the reality. Thanks for this post, Gayu !

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