Take me there, would you?

Thanjavur, a
place famous for Temples and its rich Culture, where thousands of tourists and
pilgrims visit every day, was once my home. My maternal grandparents stayed in there.
I was three months old, when my Amma sent me there and most of my blog readers,
by now, know  my childhood story.

This place,
took me away from my sister and my Appa. The people there would blame and curse
me for I was born as a girl. They believed that I bought misfortune and the
five years, I spent there were really challenging. I was abused verbally,
emotionally and physically and all this, left me shattered by the age of five.

At times,
some places leave us with bitter memories or maybe it’s not the place, it’s the
people or maybe it’s not even the people there. When you look back, you realise
that, it were the experiences that we have had at that particular place, that
act as an anchor and bring back those same feelings again. This anchor, when
revisited, is like scratching an old wound, which you thought was healed, but
then it still hurts. If someone would have sponsored a trip to Thanjavur, six
months ago, I would have never visited. The thought of that place itself, would
bring back those unwanted memories
and the not-so-good feelings.

I never
thought I could overcome these feelings, until; I came across the uPwithNLP
course and learned that, I could rewire my brain in such a way that I could control
the effect these unwanted and unpleasant memories had on me. And guess what, I
have completely got over those memories. Now I have taught my brain to think differently about the unwanted events, places,
traumatic past experiences and people. And this has helped me to let go and given me the freedom to choose the way, ‘How I want to respond’ to the past

I am
planning to visit Thanjur this Diwali and I would share my experiences with you
all on my blog. Remember that events, places and people have no control over
you, unless you give them the authority and power to do so.  Break-free the bondages of past experiences
and see how beautiful Life is!

Be positive,



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PS: This post is a part of the Project 365 prompt @ We Post Daily. The free-prompt for
today is “ Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where,
and why not?

10 thoughts on “Take me there, would you?

  1. Ok, I wasn't aware of this childhood trauma of yours. I am very sorry to hear it, but also glad that you've managed to over come this with NLP and your sheer will power. Kudos Gayu or should i say gayatri 🙂

    1. Thanks Sid, you can call me Gayu, as my blogger friends call me Gayu:) I am glad I survived all this, maybe just to narrate it to the world. Thanks for your suppport and comments.

  2. Very poignant and positive Gayatri. Your post brought a lump to my throat, yet a smile to my lips. Keep this positivity within you always, and not just you, but everyone whose lives you touch will benefit out of it.

    1. Your comment moved me Yamini dear:) I indeed want to touch the lives of people whom I meet with positivity and gratitude. Thanks for reading the post and commenting here.

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