The Power of Wishlists

December 2012



I clearly remember writing down my wishlist after reading Preeti Shenoy’s ‘TheSecret Wishlist’. Preeti urged the reader to write their wishlist at the end of the book. So I too took out my favourite diary and listed down 20 things that I wanted to achieve. While penning them down, I had no idea how I was going to achieve all that, but I did it. Something very strange happens when we capture our thoughts into paper; they are no more our fantasies. Though not well-structured, they become our goals, goals towards which we can surely take baby steps.


Here’s how my wishlist looked, you can click the pictures to read them clearly.
August 2014



And here are the updates


I met Preeti Shenoy, in January 2013 at her book launch in Mumbai. I had a fantastic time interacting with her, Kiran Manral and Ravi Subramanian.
January 2013


My short story, ‘A Second Chance’, got published in an Anthology named, ‘Crumpled Voices’ and it released on my 30th birthday.
My debut as an Author
I am learning Kathak for the last one year and have successfully cleared my first year exams from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva University.
Coincidentally, I am performing on 24th August 2014 that makes it my first ever classical performance on stage.


I am a Therapist, Relationship & Parenting coach. I love this shift in my career as it brings more satisfaction and happiness.
September 10th onwards, I will be volunteering at a NGO in Mumbai.


I am proud to be a guest blogger at Project 365 and Lessons Learned. Some of my fictional stories have been published in Writer’s Ezine, Kaleidoscope and WorldofWords.
(you can click on the links to read the articles)

I went to Thailand for my uPwithNLP Master Practitioner NLP programme and had a fun time exploring how the brain works!

The Super Masters effect….can you believe this was clicked at midnight 12:00AM


I met my blogger friends Kalpana and Privy Trifles. They both make my blogging journey exciting, with their valuable comments.


During my uPwithNLP course, I met a professional photographer and he clicked some amazing pictures. I love them all.
August 11th 2014, I was invited as a ‘Guest Speaker’ to speak about NLP at a workshop held in Mumbai. It was an amazing workshop, where I spoke in front of 25 people and managed to do a ‘Glasswalk’
Taking the steps…


Walking over the challenges in life!
Addressing the audience


I am a curious NLP student and this curiosity led me to explore the world of NLP Modelling. Thanks to my mentor, Harini, who taught me how to model efficiently. I now model artists to learn drawing and dancing.
Soul Sisters


Eternal Love


mix of shades


Still life


A perfect break….amidst the waves
Yesterday my Facebook page reached 300 likes….and I am grateful to each one of you who made this possible


If you ask me, how all this happened in a span of one and half years, all I can say is go write down your wishlist. All the resources that you need to achieve your dreams are there within you and you will be surprised to see how easily your dreams unfold….eventually!
Google Images
What’s on your wishlist? Do you have an expreience to share about achieving your dreams? I am listening, do share them with me here or you can mail me at
Keep Dreaming
Be Grateful,

25th  August 2015

13:08 pm

As I type this, I am still wondering, how opportunities kept coming and how I could achieve all the things on my wishlist. Few things didn’t happen exactly the way I wanted like, I haven’t yet given a TED talk, but I am a part of Tall Tales Storytelling, a premier live storytelling platform in Mumbai. I enjoyed narrating two stories in front of a live audience. By sharing my story, I wish to lend a ray of hope to many.

I haven’t bought a small car, but I learnt driving and I drive my SUV. It’s fun to see the surprised look in the eyes of people around.

I have ventured into storytelling and I enjoy conducting workshops and storytelling sessions for children, via Small Tales.

I am looking forward to my trip to Leh Ladakh, hopefully this year J

If you are waiting for the right time to write a wishlist…then the time is right now, go grab a pen and pick a notepad and pen all your wishes….for when you wish…they do come true.

Stay Blessed,



14 thoughts on “The Power of Wishlists

  1. Hey hi Gayu, this is really inspring one. You wrote your dream at 3 am. Certainly it shows your passion towards completing your dremas with open eyes. Congratularion for your publishing of your book. Your blog is equally expressive as you personally are. Your this blog has really pushed me to discover self covered in different layers. Awaiting for your next blog. Happy Ganesh Festival.

    1. Hey hi Priya, I am a night owl…so my days end at around 3am 🙂 I am glad that my post and my blog could help you discover that something special within you 🙂 Keep me posted as to what new you are discovering 🙂
      Take care

  2. Hello,

    Excellent post as always.

    At times I haves wishes which I have no idea how to accomplish or do not have resources in my awareness to fulfill them.
    At that time, I have observed that I leave that wish and let it go . (Is it that I gave up on my inner calling that time.).

    After reading your post I have decided that I will just concentrate on my inner calling and make all the crazy wishes which I have let go earlier.

    Let the how to do it come to me from my higher self.

    Some of the wish list will be like:
    1. Buy my own premises for my manufacturing business which I am currently doing on a rented premises. ( no idea how to do it as of now)
    2. Do my EIS and Superier Capabilities UP with NLP course. ( not able to see how to arrange for the time as well as investment for it as of now).
    3. International holiday with family. (Disneyland Hongkong , Switzerland -WOW)
    4. Learn to swim ( was afraid of water, but now with the help of NLP am not afraid-thank GOD)
    5. Achieve my target weight of 90 kg. ( was at 116 kgs, at present on 105 kg. Journey is on)

    The list will keep on growing.


    1. Absolutely Ankur, the magic is the list keeps growing and you continue to achieve all that you wished for 🙂 I’ve observed that when you wish for something, there is always a purpose behind that and if we tap that purpose, we can achieve our dreams, easily 🙂
      My best wishes to you and may all that you wish, come to you…


  3. Superb post Gayatri….yet again! Putting together your wishlist on the night of Christmas….it can’t get more special than this!

    And imagine, when you revisit the list a few year later to realize how far you have come in this surreal journey of yours! Absolutely thrilled with your journey in quest of pure, unadulterated happiness! Look at your wishlist….it’s not an overtly materialistic list (apart from the small car bit…which also is more about more magical moments with family, than a personal yearning or possession). The entire list is more about hobbies, moments, memories, giving, caring, celebrating life, wanderlust….I mean this is what dreams are made of! You are chasing no major destination or milestone in terms of success or money…but simply a daily, exciting journey of self exploration, shapping yourself as a better, talented and happy individual…and continuing to be more better, happy and content than your yesterday. Keep walking Gayatri! Hats off! RESPECT.

    1. Himanshu as always you continue to encourage me and inspire me to keep walking in my chosen path. As you rightly said, it isn’t about the big things…but the little things that fill my heart with joy. There’s a lot I learnt from you and it helps me professionally. Thank you so much for making my day even more awesome with this comment of yours.

      Have a great day!

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