2014- I Love You!

What can I say about
this wonderful year, 2014, which brought so much love, inspiration,
realization, abundance, creativity, blessings, joy and fun! I will cherish this
year always….for I found my life’s purpose. I fell in love with myself and I
began to see the world with a new pair of eyes. I met so many new people and
learnt so much more from each of them.

2014 began with my
Dance performance and I loved being on stage after my leg injury. It was super
fun. Few pictures from January 2014.

Chamma Chamma


hosting the show

I got selected as a
guest author for Project 365 blog. Being a part of Project 365 gave me new
confidence, new friends and a special buddy, Salesh. Links to few best posts
from Project 365.
My brother-in-law got
married and we welcomed a new member in our family, Varsha,
April 2014


I travelled to Thailand
with School of Excellence team for Super Masters uPwithNLP. I got certified as
a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Few pictures from
May 2014.

Every writers dream is
to get published, and my dream came true. One of my short stories got published
in an Anthology, ‘Crumpled Voices’. I wrote about something I strongly believe
in, child emotional abuse. Some reviews of the story.

I started working as a
NLP Therapist, transforming lives of children and adults around me, helping
them get over limiting beliefs, helping them to focus more, be more confident
and achieve their dreams. I feel blessed to have the ability to spread the
magic. Ever grateful to my mentors, Antano, Harini and Priyadarshini at SOE.


I gave my first ever classical
dance performance, Kathak. The best compliment I received was from an eighty
year old lady, who came ahead and hugged me tightly and said that I was a mix
of beauty and grace. I was touched by her words. The link to the video and the



Randomly one day I
came across the Tall Tales website and I enrolled for the creative
story-writing workshop and also shared a story at their shows. The story that I
shared became a part of the ‘Best of Tall Tales-2014’. Here’s the link to the
Blogged for LessonsLearned blog by Sumeetha Manikandan and won the Blogger of the Week award,


I started mentoring
children from a shelter. I am not yet regular, but hope in 2015, I will be more

I met my blogger
friends, Sachin and Jayanth at Bangalore Literature festival. It was an amazing
experience to meet these wonderful people.

With Jayanth


Awesome pic of 2014

Won the Koroli Hill
Station bloggers contest and enjoyed staying at their resort for two days. I got
to meet some amazing bloggers like Vinodini, Heena, Karishma and Aditi.

Having fun

I travelled to Kerala,
God’s own country. A fantastic travel experience with hubby and my daughter.


I worked with underprivileged
children as a part of the CSR activity for School of Excellence. It was a wonderful
learning experience, as a therapist.
I eagerly look forward
to even more wonderful things that 2015 is yet to bring. I wish you all a year
filled with lots of abundance, even more love, fun and joy. Stay blessed!
 Be grateful,
Keep smiling,

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