It’s a beautiful Life, isn’t it?

Good Morning World,

Welcome to a brand new episode of ‘Life is Beautiful’

Today Akshay, a listener messaged me and asked how life
can be beautiful, with so many challenges. So before we proceed with our
playlist, let me answer Akshay and all you wonderful listeners.

“As a child, I
heard from people around that life was a struggle and we have to continuously
keep fighting the battle of life to succeed. I was told that I shouldn’t dream
big and that dreams seldom came true. I was brought up to believe that love
hurts and that I should be very careful when I fell in love. At every step,
they warned me and showed me what all could go wrong. And guess what, things
did go wrong. I did struggle and someone did break my heart…..and then I
thought of giving up.

But the next
day morning I accidentally woke up 15 minutes earlier. In the past 20 plus
years I never woke up even with the alarm clock, but today…this miracle
happened. To my surprise, I woke up fully alert, awake and refreshed. I looked
outside the window and wondered, when was the last time I saw the sun rise? I immediately
decided to go for a walk. My smart phone stared at me, but I chose to ignore it
today. I didn’t bother to take my IPod either.

As I started
walking, I noticed the colour of the sky. The vast blue canvas was now painted
with the hues of orange and pink. I stood there for few moments….and then saw
the sun rise, slowly spreading its light and warmth all around. The cool breeze
echoed the sound of the birds chirping and the trees swayed to their rhythm. As
I continued to walk, I saw the flowers smiling and spreading their fragrance in
the air around. All this brought a strange peace to my chaotic mind.

I sat there and
wondered, was life really a struggle, was it really that complicated? That’s
when I realised that all these years I was living a life on the foundations of
the beliefs laid down by other people. I lived as if these beliefs were true.
Most of us are too busy living our life in the shadow of others beliefs. If
these beliefs are limiting us in some way, then we need to shed them, now and
embrace new empowering ones.

No matter what
others say, I want you to go ahead and sow a seed of a dream…maybe something
that you loved doing as a child or maybe something that pulls the strings of
your heart. Something that only you can do… And as you sow that seed now, I
want you to water it with your firm belief and give it the warmth of your
purposeful actions. And as you continue to do that, consistently, I want you to
watch your dreams unfold, gradually, just like that beautiful
flower….spreading its fragrance all over…. for I had read it somewhere
that, ‘A single dream is more powerful than thousand realities.’

Every person
you meet in this journey of life comes to teach you something, so keep learning.
Every day you have a choice, so choose the best available option. Choose to
smile and see how you can touch the lives of many, miraculously.

I want you to
recognize that the events of your life don’t shape you, but the meaning that
you attach to each of these events redefines your life. ‘Life is Beautiful’ and
all you need is a new pair of eyes to see the beauty it continues to spread
everyday and in every way!

Let’s begin our
day with this lovely song, “Zindagi ek safar hai suhana, yahan kal kya ho,
kisne jaana.” Continue to enjoy this wonderful gift called life and keep
spreading joy, love and fun wherever you go.

Have a great
day ahead!”


PS: This post is written for the Project 365 program at We Post Daily aimed at posting at least once
a day, based on the prompts provided. The Open-prompt for today was, ‘you have fifteen minutes to address the
world, what would you say?’

5 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful Life, isn’t it?

  1. That was beautiful. I always tell my younger ones and friends to do what they love, and I am tagged as the biggest optimist and apt adviser among my group. But there are times when I don't follow all those… Loved your post. Infact started my day reading this. 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful and inspiring post, Gayu. One shouldn't live life to the terms dictated by society, including our parents. It's my firm belief coz I was a people pleaser earlier to make people happy forgetting about my individuality.

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