Ten Days- Guest Post 4

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months ago I connected with her via Write Tribe. Her words and her lovely smile
kept me glued to her blog. She is an avid reader and if you too love reading,
you must read the book reviews she pens at her blog.

me in welcoming the ever smiling and beautiful, Aathira Jim, who blogs at Bewitched by Words

Beauty 🙂
Thanks so much
for having me over, Gayu! This short story has been
penned inspired by the book Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult that I read today.
Ten Days
wrapped her fingers around the steaming cup of green tea in her hands. The hot vapours
rising from it made her feel like she was trapped in a haze. Her personal
Ten days.
had been ten days since she last spoke with Varun. Ten days since she had flown
over to a new country and life. But the remnants of the life she left behind
lingered around. Like a bad after taste.
checked the time. It would be 9’o clock back home. He would be having dinner or
probably on his laptop, mindlessly browsing as usual. Or could he be thinking
about her? Her heart skipped a beat.
had purposely not given him her contact address here. She came here to start
afresh. She did not want any more reminders in addition to the mental scars
that she carried around. But is it always so easy to escape your past? Can life
simply be reset again at the click of a refresh button?
ran her hands through her hair. An unconscious habit which set in when she was
lost in thought. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to be transported back
into her room back home. With its rumbled sheets and bits of paper and books
strewn about in the name of research, it was the butt of Varun’s jokes. But
that was her sanctuary, her safe place.
only reason that she had not let anyone inside her home was because she
couldn’t bear to think of explaining to anyone else why she chose to live she
did. When people looked in, they saw a girl living alone. What they didn’t
realize was that she was never lonely.
was the only guy who had visited her there; the only one whom she trusted. How
had they ended up as they were today? They had boasted about their friendship,
or at least, he did. That they were meant to be friends for a long, long time.
Yet, the week before she was to leave, it had all changed.
it the message that she saw on his phone while he was in the shower that
changed it? The one that called her a freak? Or was it the fact that he didn’t
defend her?
she was tired after a long day, she logged on to her laptop. She opened her
email account by instinct.
new mail. From him.
clicked on it with baited breath. She wanted to know what he had to say. And
even if she was reluctant to admit it, even to herself, she missed him.
Dear Shivani,
I know that you ran away to
escape the tortures that you were facing here. But how could you have left
without a proper goodbye? Don’t you owe me at least that? I can see you shaking
your head in disbelief. But you have to trust me when I say this; it was not
what you think. It never was.
What you shared with me on
that drunken night two years back shall remain a secret till the day I die.
Nothing changes the fact that you shall always be my best friend. Not even the
fact that you are attracted to women. There, I said it.
Now that I have finally
addressed the elephant in the room, I think I owe you an explanation. True, the
fact that you told me about your decision to leave only last week. But have you
ever thought that the reason I was angry was because I never wanted you to
Running away from your past
will never solve problems. You, of all the people have taught me that. I’m not
asking you to come back. But at least, think about it. And if you can’t do it
for me, do it for yourself. You owe me that. After all, you were the one who
taught me not to run away but to face whatever life had to offer, no matter how
bitter it may be.
But know this, no matter
what you may decide; I shall always be there for you.
Lots of love,
wiped away the tears that were now running freely on her face. She loved this country;
it offered her anonymity, accepted people like her. She could have a chance at
happiness that she deserved. But with a pang, she realized that it could never
be home.

She had to fix herself and
there was no one else who could do it for her. Not Varun. Not anyone else. But
things would be much easier with him by her side. She took her phone and dialed
his number for the first time in ten days. 

About Aathira
Aathira Jim is a twenty six year old self-proclaimed
bibliophile who has been in love with books ever since the time she could remember.
She recently discovered her passion for story telling with a relish and has
been trying to do justice to all the voices inside her head. She fervently
believes that chocolate is the greatest invention of mankind other than books.
When she is not day dreaming, she can be found on her blog, where she does the
same through words. 
Aathira can be contacted on her blog:
PS: Hope you are enjoying the ‘Guest Post’ series. Do share your thoughts and valuable comments here.
Love and Gratitude,

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  1. I must be telling this for the nth time..your stories have a way of connecting with the reader..such ease in the way it was narrated, yet the subject is so tough to handle. Shows the master story-teller you are, Aathira! Thanks, Gayatri for hosting her 🙂

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