True Stories, Told Live

you share a ‘True Story’, you open up
a part of you in front of the world….a part that’s been safeguarded all these
years. I’ve shared my experience of live storytelling in this post and those
who follow me on Facebook, know how much I loved sharing my story with the

those who missed my previous show, here is the video of my story.

I am going to share one more ‘True Story’,
a story which is very close to my heart. I need your best wishes and I look
forward to meet some of you there at the show. The fun begins at 7pm at ‘TheHive’

The ticket for the show costs Rs. 500 per person. You
can register and pay at ‘The Hive’ or can book the tickets at Book My Show.
Here’s the link for Book My Show:
Here are some pictures from the rehearsals. Pic courtesy- Tall Tales Storytelling.
Tall Tales

The wonderful storytellers 🙂
Good Night folks, see you tommrrow with more updates and pictures 🙂
Be grateful,
Keep Smiling,

8 thoughts on “True Stories, Told Live

  1. Oh My God! That was one kick ass speech, woman! I loved hearing you speak each and every word from the bottom of your heart. Your family is blessed to have you in their lives. Forgiving is not always easy and I get it. I love Privy's stories too 🙂 Could you give me the link to her story that you were talking about? I would like to read it. More power to you, Gayu! Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much Aathira…:) Forgiving is not easy…but neither holding onto anger is…. and when it came to choose between the two…I had to let go….for it brought peace to me! Hugs my dear 🙂

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