An adventurous day at Kidzania

daughter had visited Kidzania as a part of the school picnic last year. Her
experience over there was not that great. She told me the place was overcrowded
and she didn’t get a chance to play many activities. I promised her that we
will visit the place again and conveniently forgot about the same. However, a
promise is a promise and if you don’t remember, the universe helps you in strange
ways. Blogadda invited parent bloggers for a weekend date with theor children
to Kidzania. I immediately enrolled and was super excited to visit this place.
Welcome 🙂

reached the venue and saw there were only boys in the Blogadda group. My
daughter was a little disappointed. However, her happiness knew no bounds when
she met a girl and befriended her instantly. They were laughing, jumping around
and exploring the kiosk and posing for pictures.

Friends we make 🙂
got our immigration passes and I was stunned the moment I entered the magical
world of Kidzania. To say we were in a mall, but it was a clean city one that
we dream of- with trees, blue sky, buildings, shops, salon, theatre, dance school,
university and food joints, everything in order. The day began at 10am with
Kidzania theme song, where all the staff dance and welcome the kids and
parents. This theme song is played after every one hour and I couldn’t stop
myself from dancing with them.
The co-ordinator explains the concept

The Bloggers

With Harish and Sushma from Blogadda
is an indoor theme park which takes the children through real life role playing
activities. These activities are segregated as per age group and each child
gets hands-on experience of the jobs undertaken.  Just as our country runs on Rupees, Kidzania runs on ‘KidZos’  Once immigration is done, every child receives
a cheque of 50 KidZos, which he/she can encash and utilize to enjoy the
activities they want. They also get an opportunity to earn their KidZos, by taking
up ‘jobs’ they like.

daughter immediately entered the Dentist’s clinic. Her recent experience of
tooth removal was more than enough for her to decide to become a dentist first.
She keenly listened to the Dentist who explained the process of brushing and
how cavities form. Samu performed her first root canal and seemed to enjoy
doing it.
Let’s clean your teeth

Getting ready!

Ouch! It doesn’t hurt.

then went ahead to do many ‘jobs’ to earn more Kidzos. Once she had enough KidZos,
she chose to pamper herself with a manicure, make-up and tattoo. She also
became a chocolate chef and made her own chocos. She spent some time painting
the canvas with vibrant colours and five hours went by like minutes….

Assisting in shopping as a Store Manager

Capturing the latest fashin trends a Page 3 Reporter

The city of Dreams
enjoyed earning her money and spending it on the things she loved. I observed that
Kidzania works in a very unique way. All the staff members spoke with the
children only in English and treated them with respect. I would really like to
appreciate Kidzania for coming up with such a range of activities which teach
children the ‘Dignity of Labour’. Samu
became a dentist, a reporter and even a courier delivery assistant. As a
construction worker, she learnt the importance of team work and as a theatre
artist she enjoyed rehearsing the dialogues before the performance.

Various roles integrated into one!

she enjoyed doing her activities, I relaxed at the ‘Parents Lounge’ reading books and sipping some coffee.

more thing that is quite commendable about Kidzania is that they explain the
importance of each of the jobs that the children do. This will surely lead to
our children respecting the courier staff or a pizza delivery guy in real life.
Happy Mommy and daughter!
#Selfie time
Happy Girl!

Flaunting the Tatoo
My Kidzos
That’s Samu with her Kidzos- look at her eyes beaming with joy and contentment. This was my first experience with Kidzania and I am already looking forward to visit them very soon.  I loved the concept and execution of the same. This summer vacation, gift your child the ‘Kidzania Expereince’ and trust me, you too will say, it was a #ZuperDayatKidzania.


This post is a part of the Bloggers Meet organized by Blogadda at Kidzania,
The title of the post is given by my daughter.

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