Lessons from my toddler- Guest Post 7


was a fantastic year, as I met some passionate bloggers via, Project 365. It
was there I met her, Rekha from Dew Drops. She blogged about social issues,
parenting and the little joys of life….beautifully. I connected to her


me in welcoming the beautiful Rekha from Dew Drops.

Lessons from my

will I face her?
will she think of me?
should I react now?
I be normal or should I still look angry?
are the thoughts that went by my mind that evening while I was walking towards
her school to pick her up. She was acting cranky in the last few days and I was
tired of cajoling her and continuously repeating to her to behave herself. That
morning when she refused to eat the onion tomato omelette because she dislikes
onions, I could not stop myself and spanked her two or three times without
thinking twice.
anger was not just for her. It was for her over-protective father too. He was
almost getting out of the house. But stopped. He got into the kitchen and
started making a fresh plain omelette for her. In the process, he messed up the
kitchen breaking an egg on the kitchen slab which then slipped onto the floor. I
just walked away from there while he served a plain omelette to the daughter
before leaving for work.
Two. And Three. That helped me. It definitely helped me. Release my anger. My
frustration. And much more. Yes. Hitting a child….who I was sure will not react
in the same manner…that helped me. Feel powerful. Such a coward I am. If it
were her father who would have refused, I would have blabbered a lot but still
would go on to make that omelette for him. Yes, I would have. Not because I was
scared of him. Or the way he would react. But because I knew he will stay
hungry till lunch. If it was my father I would have made the omelette without a
word. He’d getting old and might not be having a taste for it. And most of all,
he will give me a piece of my mind for this reckless behaviour.
this was easy. She’s just a six-year old. She won’t get back. Even if she does,
I can stop her with my stare or use my hands that are meant just for this
cowardly act. The best part is the girl will quietly sob and will not blame me.
For fear of course!
I approached the school gate, my heart started pounding heavily. For I wasn’t
sure how to face her. I was on a guilt trip the whole day. I knew she was
wrong. But I also knew it wasn’t as a big a mistake as mine.
name was called out by the teacher in charge at the gate. She got up and her
eyes reached the school gate searching for me. She smiled and ran up to me.
Hugged me tight before handing over her heavy school bag. And then she jumped up
with happiness and told me, “I brought 19
out of 20 for you in dictation. Two-two stars bhi. And one smiley face from
Swapna Madam.”
comes so easily to kids. Why is it so difficult for us? Why does our ego have
to come in our way? Why can’t we just accept people for who they are?
just a while ago, I saw her eating something. Dal Chatpata with Hershey’s
strawberry syrup. And trust me, it didn’t taste bad. It just tasted different
till I developed a taste for it. Or till I learnt to accept it.

About Rekha:

She is techie by
education, a marketer by profession, seasoned publishing expert and above all
a home-maker, wife and a mother of two cute girls.
She enjoys Reading, Writing, Drawing, Photography, Gardening,
Traveling and sometimes Cooking too. She mostly writes about: Parenting,
Memoirs, Social Causes, Book/Movie/Product/Website Reviews and sometimes
indulges in kaam chalaoo Poetry too.

You can join her
journey, exploration and discovery of life at Dew Drops. You can also connect
to her via email- write2rekhadhyani@gmail.com

PS: What are some of the lessons your toddler has
taught you? We are curious to hear to your stories. Do share them with us here,
in the comments.
Happy Weekend!

Love and Gratitude,


4 thoughts on “Lessons from my toddler- Guest Post 7

  1. Spare the rod and spoil the child is an outmoded dictum,Rekha.
    Children are guileless and too innocent to know what they are doing. A gentle word failing which a stern look would bring them round.Above all spouse should not interfere when one of them is dealing with the child.

    1. You are absolutely right, Sir! When one parent is dealing with the child, the other one should not interfere. This is what I keep repeating to him. But he is an over-protective father and is unable to spend time with the children. Hence he tries to protect them whenever possible.

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