Slow Down…It’s a wonderful Journey!

a child I enjoyed watching Cricket match on television. If a batsman hit a
fantastic shot or if there is a third umpire decision pending, they would slow
down that specific moment. And it is precisely when they slow it down…we can
figure out the minor details of where the ball hit and if the batsman is out.
Even in old movies, they used this technique of slow-motion, where the hero and
the heroine run towards each other…to melt in each other’s arms. I enjoyed
watching these slow-motion moments…and for a moment I wondered what if we
could slow down our life…maybe just for few moments.

down means we have more time and we can do things in a more relaxed way. We can
observe our environment and the people in our life through a new pair of eyes.
Perhaps we can explore ourselves even more…when we take charge and #SlowDownZindagi.

was a time in my life when stress was a constant companion. I quickly realized
that if I didn’t kick this unwanted friend, he would eat away my life…slowly.
That’s when I decided to take control of my life and to de-stress.

are few ways I have found bliss amidst all the chaos.

long walk:
I am
not someone who gets up early in the morning and goes for a walk, but when I
want to de-stress, I do get up at 5am and go for a long walk….alone. I leave
the gadgets at home and bask in the warmth and beauty of nature. I enjoy
listening to the conversations of the birds as the sun slowly shines bright,
adding life to the moment.

I fell in love
with the written word, in the quiet corners of my school library. Reading takes
me to a magical world and I enjoy the journey with the characters. I carry a
book with me always. It is one of the best ways to gain knowledge and also to
have fun.

I started
maintaining a journal after my daughter’s birth and trust me writing is therapy
to me. By articulating my pain in words, I gain more control over my emotions.

I begin my day
by dancing. I play some nice dance numbers and kick away all the Monday blues,
with my moves. No matter how the day went, before going to sleep, I dance and
it is one of the easiest way to shift your state of mind.

time with my daughter:  
After a productive day I find playing
with my daughter the best way to relax myself.  I paint and read stories to her. This ‘Mommy-daughter’
time helps me to relive my childhood and slow down my thoughts.

now, I am going to try this easiest and quick way to de-stress and
#SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in association with
is a beautiful journey, let’s slow down and enjoy the little moments that make
up this wonderful life. What are some of the ways you unwind yourself? Share your
ideas here in the comments. The best comment wins a voucherJ

One thought on “Slow Down…It’s a wonderful Journey!

  1. When stress enters in your life then your mind always first left you alone and a powerful negative thought's ring make a circle around you.
    We will rush to those things which gives us peace or keep you in calm.
    My colourful threads always give me peace of mind and directed me towards positive thing and creates a peaceful ring around me.
    Yes, I am talking about embroidery I love to do this as my hobby, my passion and destressing activity.

    My second option to destress the life is capturing birds in my camera. Bird watching and taking pictures of them always my favorite destressing activity.

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