Guest Post- Of toddlers and impromptu hugs

In the past four years of blogging, I’ve
met many bloggers who write about. Most of the parenting blogs helped me to
introspect, while Daddy’s Journals added the much needed humour to the challenges
that a parent faces.

I started reading Sid’s post via Project
365 and his writing hooked me instantly. After a 10 year stint in the corporate
world, Sid quit and now he works from home. He shares his parenting experiences
on his blog and also experiments in writing fiction. His love for photography
and food reflects in his writing and pictures.
Presenting Sid Balachandran from I Wrote Those.
The curious Dad
As a parent, there’s perhaps nothing more
rewarding than when your little one gets really excited to see you. Yes,
in some ways it’s like having a puppy at home, except that this ‘puppy’ doesn’t
usually lick as much. Well, most times anyway. But it is those impromptu
expressions of physical love that make everything worthwhile. 
To help explain this, let me tell you
about an incident that occurred recently.
It was Saturday and I’d been out since
morning, meeting a client that I ghostwrite articles for. It was noon when
I returned. As soon as I opened the front door, my toddler son ran towards
me from the kitchen. He wraps those tiny arms around me and gives me a kiss on
my cheek. Shocked as I am, I return the hug. While he’s often happy to see me,
most of the times the reason is because I’d have promised to bring him
some chocolate, crayons or lollipop. However, I’d committed to nothing of that
sort this time. I lift him up and slowly walk towards the couch. He burrows
his face deeper into my chest, as if trying to find a comfortable spot. Slowly,
with his arms around me, he pats my back, as if to say, ‘It’s okay!’.
 Now, I must confess. This feeling – of
your little one indulging in an impromptu expression of physical love – that’s
one of pure bliss and one that every parent would wish for. So, I close my eyes
and enjoy the moment, while fighting back a few tears. (Hey, fathers can be
emotional too! 🙂 )
A few seconds later, I hear a giggle. I
open my eyes and look at my son. He’s looking at me with a twinkle in his eyes,
but the giggle isn’t from him. I glance around and spot my wife looking at me.
And she’s beaming. Her face sports the kind of grin that you’d probably see on
the Cheshire cat. I look at her, confused by her reaction and give
the stare. Yes, the very one that I reserve for moments like these when people
are trying steal my ‘peaceful moments’.
She giggles some more. And then she


“What did he tell you?, “she
asks pointing towards our son. 
“Erm. Nothing.” I say, wondering if I
should add a ‘I wub you’ on his behalf. “He just came and hugged me. It was a
feeling of eternal bliss, I tell you. Felt all my worries floating away. It is
the best feeling in the world, I bet he never gives you impromptu hugs!” I
continue, trying to score an extra point over her.
Now, usually that snide remark would have
earned me some ‘today, you sleep on the couch!’ time. However, she just
laughed. A bit too loudly, for my liking. 
“Come with me!” she exclaimed, still
laughing away.
I leave my son on the sofa and walk
towards her. She directs me towards the wardrobe in the bedroom. Both confused
and curious, I walk into the room and stare at the wardrobe, expecting to
see the traces of some mischief he has been up to. ‘Perhaps, he threw
out all the folded clothes!’ I muse loudly, dismissing it as one of the little
things he does when he’s throwing a tantrum. 
“Oh, no no!” exclaims my wife, still
giggling like the Cheshire cat bit her, “It’s nothing of that sort. Just
look in the mirror. You’ll see his work of art there.”
Pic Courtesy-
I stop in front of the mirror and look at
it for crayon marks, paint splotches or worse, scribbling’s with a
permanent marker. But I still see nothing. The mirror looks spotlessly clean.
“I don’t understand!” I exclaim, looking
at the two of them. My son is now holding on tightly to my wife and they’re
both smiling. “Will someone tell me what is going on?” I scream, temporarily
losing my ‘Zen’ moment. 
My wife, with the son in tow, slowly
walks up to me and then points towards my reflection in the mirror. And I gasp
My starched white shirt now has streaks
of powdery orange in the front. In the back, I have two orange-colored tiny
palm imprints, where my son repeated lovingly ‘patted’ me.
Turns out that the son wasn’t quite
expressing his love. His mother had asked him to go wipe his hands after eating
a packet of Cheetos. Yes, the dreaded cheesy variety that leaves all that
sticky residue on your fingers. And he did just that. He wiped his hands on the
biggest piece of cloth he could find.
 Fatherhood. Some days you’re just a giant
cloth napkin. 


Now that was interesting, isn’t it? This
post reminded me of a time when my daughter ate my new Lakme Lipstick. She
mistook my lipstick to be a strawberry chocolate bar and happily ate half of it,
when she was 3 years old.
I am sure you guys too have some memories
or experiences to share with us, we are waiting to read them
Have a super weekend!

27 thoughts on “Guest Post- Of toddlers and impromptu hugs

  1. You have Zen moments? Really? 😉 And R is so very adorable! I can totally picture him doing that and your expression is right before my eyes at this instant 😛 As always, very well written, Sid! Gayatri, a pleasure to see Sid here on your blog 🙂

  2. Loved reading this one, Sid! Well, I can vouch for the fact that it is a heavenly feeling when your child comes running to welcome you when you are back home. I have a dog, and he does just that every time I am back from anywhere! And, as for using your clothes as hand towels, Chikoo does that too! He uses my (mostly white) T shirts as a 'door mat' to wipe his muddy paws! But, the paw prints he leaves behind on my heart as the priceless! 🙂

  3. It's such a warm feeling to have someone waiting eagerly for you on the door after the day's work 😀
    So, your cute little toddler played a smart prank once again. Enjoyed reading it, Sid.
    My best wishes!

  4. Aww that was such a sweet one Sid..Loved it..
    Gayatri – glad to be on your blog. I have seen a video of yours and since then have been following you..You are an inspiration!! It's like how we know celebrities but they don't know us 🙂

  5. Hahaha! Kids get away with so much… had it been an adult, stuff like this would have called for murder! Ok exaggerating a bit, but still… kids have it real easy… just because they are so tiny and have a cute smile! 😀

  6. Hahaha.. I remember an afternoon when I was having a peaceful nap. My 2 year old son, took out all my lipsticks and drew his artwork on the mirror!! i had to throw out the lipsticks, they were damaged beyond repair.

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