The Little Girl

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved sunshine, the smiling flowers and vast sky. Every morning as she opened her bedroom window, she saw the sun painting the blue canvas with deep orange and yellow colours. As the colours spread deeper, she felt a strange sensation in her heart… was as if her heartbeats had slowed down and all her thoughts had vanished away. She soaked in the silence every morning and this was a ritual she loved. 

However, few months later the blue canvas refused to fill itself with the bright colours and immersed itself in the shades of grey. The little girl missed her sunshine. The morning silence was replaced by roars of the clouds and everything around looked gloomy. The little girl stayed on her bed praying and hoping for her sun to be back soon….but nothing happened.

Days passed by and the little girl kept praying. One morning as she opened the window, she saw a strange curve on the canvas. The  colourful curve brought a smile on her face.



“This is rainbow”, said her mom.

As the little girl kept admiring the beauty of the rainbow,she wondered how foolish she was to spend her days in the cocoon of her dark thoughts…when there was so much brightness and beauty around.

That day she danced in the rain, soaking herself in the sweet smell of the wet earth and somewhere amidst the clouds, her sun was smiling…..!

Love and Gratitude,



2 thoughts on “The Little Girl

  1. Beautiful blend of thoughts and words, this gives us new pair of glasses to look at this beautiful nature every day, teaches us to enjoy every moment we have
    Thanks Gayu Di for such a wonderful blog which makes everybody’s day. …

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