Conversations on Facebook- On Writing (Part 1)

As a writer I constantly seek inspiration from other writers and bloggers. A little inspiration at the right time can work wonders, isn’t it? It may give you an idea to write or it may help you to polish your current work. I wonder how writers think, what makes them sit at a place (alone) for hours with their thoughts, dreaming up a story.

Do they follow a schedule or just go with the flow of words? Is there is a particular time of the day that inspires them to write? Do they prefer writing their ideas in a notepad or they type it on MS-Word? Just before they start writing, what happens, do they hear their characters speak or see images of their whole manuscript? These were some of the questions that my writer friends answered for me.

(c) Outside The Kitchen Window
(c) Outside The Kitchen Window

This is the Part 1 of the conversation. Over to the amazing bloggers, writers and authors-

Vinisha Nambiar, is a poet, storyteller and traveller. She quit her job to write poetry and travel the world. This is what she has to say

“I write the best at dawn or after midnight. It’s the time when I am inching closer to sleep and the mind works in its very raw form. I prefer writing without really looking at what I am writing. It helps to switch off the internal editor or ‘monkey-mind’ as Natalie Goldberg calls it.  I prefer writing electronically but if I don’t write by hand for too long, it feels like I lose or shut off energy. I am not very disciplined. There are days I won’t write or avoid writing because sometimes it is scary. Then I read random stuff on Facebook or free press or poetry or books… Anything that stirs up the soul, gives me a whoa moment or causes a shift in perspective. Usually, I end up going back to write because it’s very hard to deny an energy that seeps up directly from the soul.”


Watch her share her story at Tall Tales-

Saranya Iyer, is an author and blogger. An  admirer of Jane Austen, she dabbles in fiction and poetry. When she is not doing either, she takes creative writing workshops for children. I too love listening to music before starting to write Saranya

“Let me say that I too wanted to know the answers from fellow writers as I don’t get enough time to put down every thought. But I make sure that I write daily at the end of the day. Like around 11.30pm ideas pop out and I start and it just goes on till 1am. I am not very much organized as some people are, as I dedicate some part of my day hours in reading. Secondly I do require silence which triggers my inner soul to start taking the pen to scribble. I write in my diary first as it is very easy to express down my thoughts and content. Keyboard does the rest of the job. As I am a fan of Anoushka Shankar, I listen to Sitar while I write. Happy writing Gayatri !”


Praveen Gopinath, is an author, astrologer and entrepreneur. He is popularly known as Mr. Mallu on Facebook. Praveen’s honest views on writing help him connect to a larger audience.

“I am an attention seeker and the main reason I write is for the applause. The likes, comments and shares keep me inspired…so there is no special routine for me. Every time I feel the need to be pampered and praised, I write…of course on my Facebook page.”

So true
So true


Vinodini Iyer, is a blogger and voracious reader. I love the way she continues to write despite all odds.

“Mine does not have a set routine. It’s usually over the weekends that I write or at the end of the day if I’m not too weary after work. But there are days when inspiration strikes out of the blue and it leads me to jot down my thoughts onto my blog using my cell phone. I just have to do it then and there lest I lose the train of thoughts. Although, catching up on other blogs and commenting on them happens on and off during work hours when I need a break from work. I must admit, I’m not organised and my Smartphone is both a bane and a saviour on most days with my kinda crazy schedule. But I want to give a proud pat on my back for still being able to continue writing despite all odds.”

Preethi Venugopal, is an author and blogger. Her thoughts sound interesting just like her book, Without You’

“I don’t start writing until the thread of the story or post develops almost to its full form, i.e. I need to visualise the beginning, the middle and the end. I sometimes write in my diary or directly in MS Word. I don’t need an atmosphere. I can write even when the television is on at full volume. I do set deadlines for myself and try to follow it through. I listen to the words that form in my mind and write. Often the story outline changes when I begin to type. I find it weird. But it happens often.”

Jaspreet Soni, is a blogger and here’s how she manages to write.

“No routine. Perhaps I can’t stick to one. I need a flow of thoughts, sorted mind. If that happens, I can write anywhere.”

Shrruti Patole, is an author and blogger. Like me, she too enjoys the quiet nights to pen her thoughts.

“Hi, I have no specific writing routine because with a baby, my routine just goes for a toss anyways! It’s usually an inspirational thought and yes, I work better if there is a deadline!!!! But yes I prefer writing at nights when both my boys are asleep and the house is peaceful and quiet”


I am sure these little secrets from our bloggers and authors have inspired you to write more, haven’t they? I would love to know what inspires you to write and how do you schedule your writing. Let the discussion begin in the comments section.


Have an inspiring weekend, with lot of creative flow to write your heart out!

Love and gratitude,


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