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Two days ago I celebrated my 31st birthday in Goa and I was super excited to come home and blog about the beautiful vacation and celebrations. However at times things don’t go as per your plans and trust me that’s okay. The Wifi decided to go on a break and my plans to post pictures also flopped.

However, Sumeetha Manikandan tagged me to answer some questions on Facebook. I thought I shall answer them here. Here you go-


01) Hair Down or Up?

Given an option, I will leave it down….but in the Mumbai humidity I mostly tie it up in  a bun or keep it plaited. When posing for pictures, I love to leave them open.

02) Jeans or dresses ?

Shorts and Sarees, anytime!

03) Painted or Non Painted Nails?

I don’t have long nails, so I prefer non painted nails.

04) Favorite Color?

Purple, Turquoise blue, Green, Maroon, Brown and my all time favourite- Black

05) T-Shirt or Dress Shirt?

T-shirt, they are so comfortable.

06) Flip-Flops or Sneakers?

I love them both,but after my ankle fracture, Sneakers are more comfortable.

07) Big Purse or Small?

Big ones as I carry my cute little world always.

08) Tattoos?

Hmmm…tricky one. I admire them on others body. Can’t imagine getting one done…hopefully never…

09) Piercings?

Ears and nose, however I don’t wear a nose ring.

10) Diamonds or Pearls?

Pearls- they bring peace

Silver- I love their shine

Diamonds- Never!

11) Favorite Animal?

Dog, especially Labrador and Pug. I love cats too.

12) Favourite food?

The list is too long, but Idli and Curd Rice. I can never get bored of them.

13) Rap or country music?

Old Hindi songs anyday.

14) Height? 5’3”

15) Sports or none:

I used to play Kabbadi in school and Badminton is my all time favourite. I love watching Football and not a great fan of Cricket.


This was fun, isn’t it? Now anyone who wishes to take up this tag is welcome.

Have an awesome weekend folks!

Love and Gratitude,



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