How I Ended Meal-Time Struggle With My Daughter

“It’s time you started solid food”, said my daughter’s paediatrician. I nodded half-heartedly, thinking about all the struggles I would have to go through feeding my daughter. I had heard countless stories of how time-consuming it is to feed a child. How they throw up initially and come up with excuses for not having food. To add to my plight, my dad kept narrating stories of, how I took more than an hour to finish my meal as a child. I was a working mother then and practically speaking I wasn’t ready to spend an hour on feeding my daughter. Giving milk in a bottle was much easier. As she sipped the milk, I could get the household chores done quickly.


All my fears manifested in reality when my daughter started to throw tantrums when I started solid food. She threw up, made faces and wept so much that I finally gave in to her tantrums. The way to pacify her was to give her a bottle of milk. She’d happily sip the entire milk within minutes. She was growing up and kept feeling hungry often and introducing solid food was now a must for her development.

Have you struggled to feed your child?

Is your child a picky eater?

Maybe it’s time you changed your approach towards feeding and implement few tips that I share in this article at World of Moms.

How do you make meal-time, fun time? Any tips? I’m eager to read 🙂

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