Mission Accomplished!

“Good news mumma……YAY!!!!” she squealed in joy as she got off the school bus.

“Wow! That’s great. Now please tell me what’s it?” I reply trying to hide my excitement.

“Can you guess?”

“Hmm….I can’t. Please tell me” I pleaded.

“I got selected for the Independence Day dance programme. Mumma you’re the BEST, like SUPER DUPER BEST!!!!” she hugged me tightly.

Last week, she was upset because she was not selected for the dance programme, read about it in this post.

There is no such thing as a perfect parentso just be areal one

I don’t know if “I’m the BEST“, but I do try to become a better version of myself every single day. As a parent there are days when I’m about to lose my cool, especially in the morning rush. Preparing and packing the lunch boxes, getting my daughter ready and then finishing off the remaining chores to reach my tuition centre before time. Huh! It’s a little challenging. Few days ago I was almost there….about to yell….but in that quick second, I pressed the pause button and surprised myself by handling the situation with humour and a story.

Here’s what I did-

“I’m bored mumma….I don’t want to go to school today” says Samu My mumma brain pushed me to react and yell at her, “What feeling bored….get up and get ready quickly. I’ve no time….there’s so much to do. I can’t waste my time standing here waiting until you get ready.”

But my therapist brain makes me laugh and I respond- “Oh…. (Making a funny face) you know how many times this tiny, cute and fluffy pillow told me that it’s bored.

“Every night it’s the same routine” it says.

I wonder what if one day it decides I will not allow anyone to use me as a pillow. What do you think will happen” I ask her.

She hugs the pillow and replies, “My dear pillow, you can’t be bored, you’ve the most important and best job in the world. You help people sleep. So now you go to sleep while I get ready for school.”

As soon as she leaves the room to get dressed, I do a happy dance (picture me doing that) and say, “Mission Accomplished!

How do you handle the morning rush? Do you have some tips? Feel free to share your suggestions, I will use some of those 🙂

Love and Gratitude,


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