To Priyadarshinii- With Love and Gratitude!

Dear Priya,

It’s been a year since you left this world, I mean, the physical world, because I believe you’re here somewhere, in some other form and you are watching over me. You came into my life as my success coach, but we shared a bond beyond coaching. With you I could be my vulnerable, honest self and you made me feel comfortable. You narrated stories that inspired me to become a better person and slowly under your guidance, I didn’t even realize I was transforming, remarkably. We worked on my goals and I’m so proud to say that I could achieve my top 3 goals within six months of your success coaching.

I remember once we spoke when you were in the hospital bed and undergoing dialysis. I was crying and you comforted me. I kept wondering from where you brought the strength to heal and guide people, when you were going through a challenging phase. I still remember your reply, “If someday I were to die, let me die with the peace that I did something for people out there in the world.” and you laughed. That reminds me, your laughter was infectious. One smile from you was enough to shift the states of people around you. That’s the power you had.

                                                                  I Miss you so much!

Your blog and anecdotes, showed me a new a way to look at the little things in life. You reminded me that I’ve the strength and resourcefulness in me to achieve my dreams. I’m ever grateful to you for that Priya.

But there’s one thing that I can never forget, our conversation in July 2016.

We were supposed to meet and I kept telling you how busy I was and somehow we kept postponing our meet. And then on 7th August, 2016 I heard that you left this world. I cried for hours that day replaying our last conversation. I felt guilty. I was angry on myself. It was a tough phase for me. However I fought that phase. I decided to work on myself and do all the things that we had discussed in our last conversation.

You had once said, “Gayatri you will make a world of difference through your stories.”

I hope where ever you are today, you’re proud to see me achieve recognition as a storyteller and therapist. Some days are tough, as your memories revisit and I find myself crying again. Grief overpowers my thinking, but instead of pushing away your memories, I sit with them, feel them, cry and allow myself to heal, yet again.

I miss you a lot Priya. Sometimes I wish to go back to July 2016 and meet you once, hug you tightly and tell you how proud I am to be your mentee. However, I know I can’t, so I sit here and pour my heart out in this letter, stare at our pictures and cry.

I know I will be fine in few hours.

Priyadarshinii, the world will remember you as a fighter, encourager, someone who spread love, joy, light and hope through her words and presence. May you continue to guide me with your presence, my genie!

Love you forever!


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