7 Reasons That Maybe Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”Tony Robbins

Have you ever began your New Year with resolutions like, ‘This year I am going to eat healthy’ ‘I am quitting sugar’ ‘I’m going to the gym every day’ ‘I’m going for a walk/run every day’ or “I am going to write 1000 words every day” What happened to these resolutions after few days, weeks or months? Were you successful in keeping the resolutions?

Every year on 1st January I found myself writing down my goals for the year. These were some of them

  • Lose weight
  • Quit job and do something I love
  • Get up early
  • Work on my anger issues
  • Better relationships
  • Be positive

And I must confess that I struggled to achieve these goals for years. I’d begin to eat healthy and after a week, I was back to relishing pastries, samosas and french fries. I’d suppress the anger for few days only to burst out after a week on my loved ones. I’d get up early for two or three days and then sleep in till 10am. Gradually I lost confidence in myself and my self-identity went for a toss. I labelled myself as ‘inconsistent’, ‘lazy’, ‘good for nothing’ and ‘unproductive’.


That’s the time when I started reading blogs on productivity and how to achieve your goals. Most articles or blogs spoke about ‘will-power’, ‘discipline’ and ‘determination’. I observed that these things are important to achieve your goals, but there’s something more to being consistent. Something deeper, something beyond our habits, discipline and will-power.

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals (or build a new habit), I suggest you to focus on the points I’m sharing with you in this post. I will be writing a detailed post on each of these, in this week. So stay in touch.


1. Purpose:

What is your purpose of achieving this goal? Your ‘Why-power’ is more important than your ‘Will-power’. What will happen when you achieve your goal? How do you want to feel after achieving the goal? Today stop for a moment and look at your goal-sheet. Ask yourself these questions. Sometimes the answers will take time to come to you, but sometimes, the answer is right there and you’ll be amazed to see the shift in the way you perceive your goals.

2. Beliefs:

Your goal maybe to become fit or lose weight, write a book or quit your job, but if your beliefs are not aligned with your goals then you may find that you’re unable to achieve your goals. For years I wanted to start something of my own, however I believed that I must have a steady job that pays me salary and keeps me financially independent. With this belief so ingrained in me, how could I look for the opportunities that were lying in front of me? Make a list of your beliefs related to your goals and question each of those beliefs.

3. Self-Identity:

While most of us work on changing our behaviors or building habits we forget the most important aspect of achieving a goal, our ‘self-identity’, ‘how do you see yourself’ is a significant part of goal-setting. For years I saw myself as a lazy inconsistent person, so naturally my behaviors were of someone who was inconsistent. I’ve observed that if you find it challenging to build a new habit, then shift the identity. Work on building a better self-image and notice how you are able to adopt the new behavior/habit, comfortably.

4. Inner Narrative:

Those who follow my blog or Facebook page, know how much importance I give to the ‘inner narrative’ or the stories that we keep telling ourselves. It is the focal point which eventually decides if we are going to achieve a goal or not. What do you tell yourself every day? What are your deepest thoughts? Are they empowering you or limiting you?

5. Skills:

If your goal is to become a dancer or get a promotion, then you must first equip yourself with the necessary skills or training. Ask yourself, what kind of skills will take you the next level. What kind of skills will make you a better? How can you up-skill yourself for the promotion or career advancement?

6. Behaviours/ Habits:

Having a goal without the necessary habits is just like knowing your destination but without a clear map. Your daily consistent habits will allow you to reach your goals gradually. What are the habits that you need to quit or embrace to become better or achieve your goals?

7. Environment:

This is a highly influential factor in goal-setting. My goal of ‘losing weight’ went for a toss because of the environment I worked. My office canteen was loaded with junk food and too often I found myself eating junk. Now how could I achieve my goal? Today ask yourself, ‘What kind of environment will help me achieve my goals?’ ‘How is the environment shaping my behaviour?’ ‘What change can I bring in the environment to achieve my goals easily?’ Environment is also about the people around you, so make sure you’ve friends who empower, push or motivate you to achieve your goals.

Today, take some time and reflect on these points. Share your feedback in the comments or email me at gs.aptekar84@gmail.com

What are some of the ways you work on your goals/resolutions? Share what worked or didn’t work for you, I’d happy to listen to your stories. Have a fulfilled day ahead.

Love and Light,


4 thoughts on “7 Reasons That Maybe Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals

  1. Limiting beliefs, poor self-image and unresourceful inner narratives can sabotage our plans easily. I love how you showcase/role model changing inner narratives on your social media posts. Changing and unblocking is in our hands.

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