What’s your WHY?

Welcome to my second post in the 7-part Goal-Setting series. There’s exactly 83 days left for 2017 to end and this is the right time to review your goals, see what’s working and time to embrace new patterns to reach your goals easily.

Yesterday I wrote about the seven reasons that’s stopping you from reaching your goals or living the life that you always want. Today I’m going to focus on the first reason, ‘Purpose’

“The purpose of a goal is what you become as a person while you are achieving it.” Billy Cox

When it comes to goal-setting most blogs or articles, speakers or personal development books speak about will-power, determination. While these are important, what sets an achiever apart, is his ability to find a purpose and empowering meaning to why he wants to achieve the goal in the first place.

My goal was to lose weight and become fit. For years this was a goal which I could not achieve. It frustrated me. I’d start walking or eating healthy, but after a week I’d get back to the old patterns of eating junk, sleeping late and waking up tired.

After the uPwithNLP journey with Antano and Harini, I began to work on my fitness goals consistently. And that’s when this question popped up. “Why do I want to lose weight?” “What’s my intention towards becoming fit?”

That answer came in the form of an image. It was a clear, 3D colourful image of my biological mom lying on the bed. My mom never took care of her health. When she was sick, doctor always advised her to be away from certain foodstuff, but she’d eat them anyway, skip her regular checkups and never eat medicines on time. Why she did so, is still a mystery to me. However, that image stayed with me. I never wanted to be a mother who was always sick and tied to the bed.

I wanted to be fit because I wanted a better immune system and stamina to be active the whole day. My work profile is diverse, I write, read, tell stories, teach creative writing, conduct thinking workshops and also handle therapy clients. I need more stamina to keep going, physically and mentally. Naturally being fit is a must! I have to be fit to work for my community, my family and for myself.

When the purpose became clear, I decided to take one step at a time. Instead of committing to huge plans, I started small.

‘Go for a walk 3 days a week’ now this was a better, clearer and achievable goal that saying ‘I want to weigh 65 kg’. ‘Have a fruit with breakfast’ is achievable than saying ‘I’ll quit sugar for 30 days’. Gradually I found myself embracing a fit lifestyle and I can say that I have increased stamina today than five years ago.

Today I want you to review your goals for this year and ask,

“What’s my why?”

“What is my purpose behind achieving this goal?”

Do share your answers in the comment box and if you need any further guidance on goal-setting and achieving your goals, you can email me at gs.aptekar84@gmail.com I’d be glad to guide.

Love & Light,


4 thoughts on “What’s your WHY?

  1. Thanks Gayatri for sharing this post on weight loss or cutting sugar. I have revised my cutting sugar plans and munching at least twice a week to take things slow. I know it’s a long journey but will slowly come to terms with it.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Vishal. I’ve observed that when it comes to fitness people set goals which are too challenging and then the body is unable to cope with this sudden change. Give your body the time to accept the shift, gradually. Best wishes and do take care buddy. You know I’m just a call away!

    1. ‘I am a first class loser’ that’s an identity that you’ve formed and you need to first shake that off and create a new identity. Follow my posts, I’ll be writing about Identity in a day or two. I’m sure it will give you clarity as to why you were unable to break the habits.

      Good luck and if you need further assistance Tarang do mail me. Love and hugs my dear

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