Embracing the Past

“Bheeshma pitahma didn’t kill Yudhistir that means he is on our side and we have no threat from him” commented a confident Arjuna

Krishna smiled and said, “Parth, this is the challenge that human beings face. They keep replaying the past events and take decisions depending on the past experiences.”

A confused Bheem asked, “Govind, isn’t it right to take decisions based on our past experiences? I think that’s wise, isn’t it?”

“Your past experiences are just knowledge but a truly wise man will convert this knowledge into wisdom and use it to take decisions and actions.” replied Krishna.



Krishna points it out so beautifully that we have a choice to rewrite the way our past events stay within us. It can either become our crutch or it can become a transformational tool and help us to create a compelling future. At the end it all depends on how we are going to use it.


In today’s post I will share two simple yet effective techniques that can help you to reframe your past events.


It’s not about the answers but about the questions. What kind of questions you are asking yourself.

So you failed a test, ask

What strategies can I use to do better in the next test?

How can I plan differently?

Whom can I approach for guidance?

Which books can I read to understand the concepts in a better way?

You were fired from your job, ask

What skills can I learn before I start searching for another job?

Which of my talents can I use to maybe start my venture?

How can I use this sabbatical effectively?


Your relationship didn’t work out, ask

What did this relationship teach me?

What kind of a person can I become to get into a fulfilling relationship?

What value can I add to my next relationship?

Remember, each time you ask an empowering question you attach a new meaning to the past event. You are converting that knowledge into wisdom.


Once you’ve got your answers what are you doing about it? So you know now you’ve to practice Math, but instead you spend time on social media or chatting with friends then you cannot change the outcome. Remember just thinking, wanting and fantasizing won’t change your life. Taking deliberate action is very key to create a compelling future.

These two steps may look simple and trust me they are simple but highly effective in the way your brain processes the past events. And this reminds me of a powerful quote from the movie The Lion King, “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.”


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2 thoughts on “Embracing the Past

  1. Vow! Gayu this was superb. By reading this I got so many things that related to my past events and it has become a transformation tool for me. Pls keep on writing such stuffs n inspire me. Thanks.

  2. Oh yes we need to ask concrete questions that would spring me into actions and makes me wonder on decisions that could have taken to change things. We can bring the changes and pave the way for things to happen. I will try with the exercise.

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