Haiku- Creek

When I crave for solitude My soul walks Towards that old creek Google Images   I lie in his arms Looking at our reflection Shine in the waters Google Images   PS: Thank you for your encouraging comments on the previous Haiku post. Here’s one more attempt. I loved this prompt. Linking it to Carpe…

Haiku Heights – Squeeze

Hello friends, Sorry for a long break…… I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge with lot of enthusiasm, however, last Wednesday the internet connection crashed, then my extra smart phone refused to publish my posts, then I was sick and now the little one is not well. Huh! July seems to be a challenging month. Hope…

Haiku Heights- Sand

Footprints, On the sand of life, They leave forever!   I built a sand castle With dreams and hopes, A wave of reality, wipes it out!   Google Images   Linking this one to Ultimate Blog Challenge and Haiku Heights-Prompt Sand   Be positive, Be grateful, Keep Smiling, Gayu       

Haiku Heights- Crescendo

Years of deceit, Pent-up emotions, Finally, Divorce papers signed! I am linking this to Haiku Heights- prompt Crescendo. Little depressed today, don’t know the reason why. At times there is no reason, you just feel low. One of those strange moods today…but I know, tommrrow I will be fine. It’s just a bad day, not…

Haiku- Ripples

Google Images It’s his touch, That creates ripples, And quenches the thirst of my soul! Google Images   My first ever attempt at Haiku. Linking this post to Haiku Heights. Eagerly waiting for your comments. Have a rocking weekend!!! Be positive, be grateful, Love, Gayu