Wishes my dear…!!!

A birthday wish to a someone special…

Chubby cheeks…dusky skin,
Crazy girl….with an attitude to win…!!!
Give her whiskey… give her rum,
But never ever try to tell her mum….!!!
Clothes spread out here and there,
But when there’s a party she’s always confused as what to wear…!!!!
A total foodie and brand conscious,
A little nerd who at times acts weird..!!!
She will mesmerize you with her smile,       
She is incomparable…and no one can match her style..!!!
The topper in her MBA class,
Who always says, “Arey I won’t pass”
Happy Birthday to the vivacious and chirpy…
Priyanka Suryawanski…!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Wishes my dear…!!!

  1. Priyanka appears to be a charming dynamic modern stylish sociable & successful person ! Happy Birthday and many more happy returns of the day & may all your dreamz & aspirations come true Priyanka ! I love the sirname Suryawanski – unusual but unique !

  2. R Ramakrishnan
    Her surname is Suryawanshi, but one of our UK counterparts addressed her as Suryawanski..so we always keep teasing her:)

    And your judgement about her is perfect..!!!


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