Imperfectly perfect Love Story!!!!!

Born and bought up in a typical Tamil Brahmin family, my life always revolved around books and cultural activities (read music and dance). My parents were pretty conservative and I never thought in the wildest of my dreams that I would marry someone outside the community. We had few relatives and I was brought up by my Granny. I remember most of my friends would go to their native place during vacations. We had no one back in our native place and Mumbai was everything for us.
To my utmost surprise my dad agreed for my marriage with a Maharashtian NON BRAHMIN I need to stress that word…bcos marrying a Non-Brahmin is next to committing a sin in our community. The journey from Curd rice to Masalebath…from Idli to poha….from Aviyals to Misal….from Payasam to Sheera….was very tough, especially since I stayed with my in-laws. Hats of to my in-laws and my poor hubby who handled my terrible mood swings and tantrums like a 2 yr old patiently. Adjusting in a joint family is pretty difficult but I must say it is worth the pain. Especially after my baby, joint family was a boon. I resumed to work after 4 months leaving my angel in their safe hands.
Marriage- Love or Arranged needs lot of adjustments…sacrifice and compromise from both sides. You can’t take things for granted and need to work on your marriage everyday. You must learn where to hold and where to let go patiently.
Relationships are like small saplings, they need lot of care and attention in the beginning. One needs to water it with loads of Love, Trust and Bonding. One needs to remove the weeds of misunderstanding and negativity. Once the sapling grows into a big tree…you rejoice the fruits of togetherness, support and more and more love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Mom-in Law (MIL) and Father-in-Law (FIL) are out of town and I am missing them like hell. More than me I know my angel is missing them a lot.
Maybe they will never read this, but I owe a lot to them and I love them a lot.
I am not perfect and so are they….but together we make a perfect family!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Imperfectly perfect Love Story!!!!!

  1. Gayu,

    As promised, here I am. Read all posts. Please keep writing. Children are the best teachers for learning how to be happy. One should help others for their weighty problems rather than stinging. This brought happy tears in my eyes. There are two lines I read from some blogs which come in my mind, first is instead of looking for perfect partner try to be one and second is accept your partner with whatever flaws are there instead of trying to make him or her change.

    Take care

  2. Hi Jack Uncle,

    I am so glad that you read the posts.I don't have words to express my gratitude towards you.

    I agree with the two lines "instead oflooking for perfect partner try to be one and second is accept your partner with whatever flaws are there instead of trying to make him or her change."

    Keep in touch

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