Day6-Seven Days of Positivity

Over the past few days I have realized that there will be people who will behave in a manner which would hurt you, there will be issues and there will be situations wherein you have no control. But we can control our thoughts, our reactions to that particular situation. When I say this, I must also admit that it is very difficult to remain calm and positive during difficult times.
Why is it difficult to focus on the plus points???? This is because we have been accustomed to a particular way of thinking. We have never been taught in school or college to accept ourselves, love ourselves and be happy the way we are. Our happiness is dependent on how others behave with us.
A friend stopped talking, boyfriend didn’t call, somebody criticized, we feel sad, and it’s but natural to feel sad, but for how many days, how many years is the question. Move On the Fastrack tagline is the perfect solution at such times.
As a human being we have emotions and there is nothing wrong in getting angry or feeling bad about something. One of my friend had told me that “Life is like a radio station, we need to tune the channel which we want”. Isn’t it right???  Tune in the channel which you want to listen….accept everything with a smile….I know it is difficult…but it’s not impossible.
Here are the five good things that happened to me yesterday
  1. Got a window seat in the train…what did I hear you say “What’s the big deal??” then I would say…it is really a big deal, especially in the peak hours and that too on the Central line.
  2. Spent some wonderful time with Samruddhi, playing, drawing and doing masti.
  3. A friend of mine sent a message on FB, saying that she liked the poems written by me. I don’t know if my poems are really that good, but her comment was a motivation for me to write more.
  4. I started reading “Tuesday’s with Morrie”, as suggested by Preeti here.
  5. Ate Palak Dal after a long long time….it was yummyyyy
I am all excited cos our office has planned an outing tomorrow, and I am joining them….so it’s a happy wala weekendJ

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