Lighter Moments at Work-2

One more for the day….

Me: I am feeling hungry

Chaitu: Chal, we will go to subway and have nice cheese sandwich….yummmmyyyy!!!!

Me (trying to avoid the temptation): NO!!!! I am no dieting…I can’t eat that.

Chaitu: Hey chal na….it’s ok…

Marj (who was quietly listening to all this): NO!!! Chaitu, you are the reason why we all eat so much. In my previous office I used to survive for 9 hours with one plate of Sevpuri…and here…I have my breakfast, lunch, evening snacks…

Me: Marj, not to forget the in between chattar mattar….chips, biscuits…chocolates…

Chaitu: Ohh common that is the secret of our Fitness… (Smiles)


Me: No…madness….!!!

3 thoughts on “Lighter Moments at Work-2

  1. Gayu,

    WoW! 3 back to back posts. What you say about children working in TV shows or movies is right but then who do you get to do such roles? Yes, stress needs to be avoided and that is why there is some pressure from Government to lay down guidelines for children to do such work. You office fun chat has been hilarious.

    Take care

  2. Its not about the serials, it is about the reality shows basically…they presurrize the children to perform well…or else go out. they judge the talent of 5 and 6yr olds…how come….they are so innocent and whatever they do…they put their best…

    Just for the sake of TRP's…we push the children in the front…

    3 posts…yipee…hope to come with more office fun chats…!!! Glad that u liked it!!


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