One of those days

Today is one of those days…

When I hear of one more painful story…
When I feel why do girls have to suffer so much…
When I feel why how someone can shirk their responsibilities….
When I seek an answer to…how someone can deceive the ones who love them more than their life…
When I wish to know how someone can tear the heart that trusted you blindly….
When I want to ask…. is marriage so important….

Yes today is one of those days…

When I have so many unanswered questions…..

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Do you have an answer…??????

8 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. landed here from Jack's blog.

    I opened your cooking blog first … and coincidence … a recipe for idli pops up ..have spent the whole of yesterdat searching for idli batter recipe which could be made on a mixie (without a grinder i mean)

  2. Jack…don't worry…I'm fine….and m so happy to have someone who is really concerned abt me….

    Deepa…welcome here…so did u try the idling recipe. Did u like the other ones posted there.
    Keep in touch


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