An attempt to write in Hindi

I am so loving the climate here in Mumbai…finally some relief…!!! Rains make me nostalgic…there are lot of memories associated with this season.

As I thought about those old days….I came up with a poem in Hindi. Here is a snapshot for you guys, enjoy

From my Diary

 I am super duper happy…and yes I should be happy…I managed to write a whole poem in Hindi, using all the Hindi alphabets…and that too the writing is so legible.

PS: If anyone can’t understand Hindi do let me know, I will try to put the translation in English.

Keep Smiling

14 thoughts on “An attempt to write in Hindi

  1. Me
    LOL, yes even I became quite nostalgic that day. The courtship period, where we are love birds completely immersed in LOVE…and now after 7.5 yrs we are more like Angry Birds, trying to kill each other:D

    Thanks re, I am good, how are you?? and little chirpy???

  2. RudraPrayaga
    yes monsoon has some magic…it makes your heart melt and words just pour….!!!!

    After high-school, we never bother to write Hindi na. Even me, now it takes a long time to think for the right words before writing:)

  3. Shruti
    Thanks, but after writing this my fingers actually ached. We have lost the habit of writing na, wonly touch and type:D

    Thanks, yes i can relate to your comment:)

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