Adieu 2012

I wanted to write a very nice post, but the pastfew days have been quite depressing and I just pray that 2013 brings in new
hope, increases the patience levels in people and is a much safer place for

Here are some highlights from 2012.

I travelled here
Kaas Plateau
Amby Valley

From Pacman’s Kitchen
Yummy recipes from my food blog-

The bookworm loved


Favourite additions to the wardrobe

The one Dare
The Movies I loved

Kung fu Panda 2 (the movie released in 2011, but I saw it this year)

My Playlist additions
This calls for a separate post, as there are many!!!

In the blogsworld

In the blog front I started the gratitudeseries, made some lovely friends and managed to write 68 posts

Lessons learnt

Bury your past, for a better present and a brighter future. Some more you can read here.
Wish you all a very Happy New Year! Let this year bring in more peace around us.
 Be positive, Be grateful


6 thoughts on “Adieu 2012

  1. A very Happy New Year to you & everyone at your end 🙂
    Looking stunning in all the pictures, hope your ankle is healing well.
    Stay blessed, happy & healthy buddy!
    Love to you & my little princess 🙂

  2. Hey Jack,
    2012 was really nice, with some ups and downs…but overall…it was fun…and it really went fast!
    Take care

    Hey thank you so much ME!!!!

    There are many more books which I read and Loved, but these come in the TOP list!

  3. @ERA
    The fracture is healed dear, and I've joined office now, but I've put on lot of weight!

    Now the next big task is to reduce the gained weight:P
    How are you and Pari doing???

    Love n wishes,

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