Are you bored?

“I am bored they say”…
I wonder, how?

There is so much to read,
there is so much to write
So many battles,
yet to be fought!

There is so much I wish to see
to wander in the jungles,
To dive into the sea!

There is still so much to do,
to play with a child,
to dance on a tune…

To help someone needy,
to learn something new
to teach a new art
to sing a new song!

There is no time I say…
Get up…get going…
Dare you sit there frowning;
Time is less,
you have this one LIFE,
Don’t make it boring…!!

PS: I wrote this poem, during my 10th STD vacations. I remember writing this, while I was on my way to Kerala.

Would love to hear your views….
Be positive, Be grateful,

8 thoughts on “Are you bored?

    1. Oh wow!!! That indeed was a lovely comment! I had this habit of penning down some lines whenever I got time during school days. Your comment has motivated me enough to share all those poems on my blog
      Will do it soon!

    1. Hey Meera, so nice to see you here after a long time! Even I am super busy these days. There are around 5 posts lying in the drafts.
      Awwww, I am so happy that you all liked the poem, it means a lot to me:):)

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