At times…

At times,
You know people for ages,
Yet you fail to bond.
However, at times,
You just meet someone,
And it clicks.
At times,
You speak volumes,
Yet you fail to convey your thoughts.
However, at times,
Some people
Understand even your silence.
At times,
You struggle to find the right words,
However, at times,
You pour your heart out.
At times,
You wish to run away from everything,
However, at times,
You stay calm and face the storm.

At times,
You blame yourself,
For all the things that didn’t go right,
However, at times,
You pick yourself up,
And face the challenges of life.
At times,
Things would look messed up,
It’s in those times,
You need to have faith,
Coz, at times,
A bright day is waiting,
With whole lot of opportunities,
With lots of love,
And a bunch full of wonderful people!
 Privy Trifles, this is especially for you, for being a constant support!!!!
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Be positive, Be grateful,

14 thoughts on “At times…

  1. There are certain people in our lives who just know what we are, and accept us for that and become part of that. It's that understanding that makes us a part of them and their life too 🙂 How beautiful a poem is this… Privy would enjoy it no doubts!

  2. Gayu I am truly speechless…. this is one of the bestest birthday gifts I have ever received…thank you so much.. is all that I can say… <3

    HUGS to you darling… love you a lot and yes you mean all this to me too.. wish I could have expressed all that I feel for you in words!

    1. I know…darling, words are not enough to express our feelings:) Trust me, I never thought blogging world could give me such wonderful friends:)
      It's really a blessing to have you in my life:)
      God Bless!

  3. An awsome one.. 🙂 i'm sure evryone who reads this post wil definitely remember that one person in their life who fits in these cases..:)(yaaayyyyy..!!!! my second comment..!! 😛 ,(i think you got me))

  4. I am your follower . I started reading your blog recently since your wish list post last month. I am feeling like i have got treasure. I have met a new word of positivity. I am yet to cover your posts prior to this one. But truly your post are inspiring. At a time its just a reflection of feelings I am passing thru like above

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