The sun kissed beaches,
The snow clad mountains,
Footprints they leave in our life….
The mesmerizing waterfalls,
The soothing rain,
Isn’t it a beautiful sight ūüôā
The chirping of the birds,
The shade of the trees,
Surrounded by cool breeze,
View from Matheran
And all I want is…
To soak in the silence of nature.
A visitor
Is there such a place around?
If yes, then…
That’s my Destination!
Love filled hearts,

Comforting words,

At times they fight,

At times they adore,

Google Images

Fun loving,


At times demanding,

At times, caring,

Are there such people around?
If yes, then….
That’s my Destination!
What is your Destination? One more prompt for the
weekend, linking it to Theme Thursday.

Be Positive, Be Grateful,


4 thoughts on “Destination

  1. I think there are many places on this planet in which mankind is not in great abundance. For the most part we tend to congregate in areas that are familiar to the majority of us and that is good for the animals and their habitats. Plus I think that in this day and age that there are more people aware that we need to preserve places of nature or we will destroy our planet.

    Thanks for such a nice poem and pictures. Happy TT. And thanks for playing with us. I hope you enjoy it.

    God bless.

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