I write…

I write,

To express my love,
To vent out my anger,
To share my hurt.

I write,
To celebrate moments of joy,
To discuss my views,
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I write,
To capture certain moments,
To collect certain fragments,
I write,
To visit an old memory,
To soothe my aching heart,
I write,
To pour out the emotions in my
To know what’s going on in my mind,
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I write,
To be alive,
To sustain,
I write,
To inspire,
To learn,

I write,

To let the world know,
I’ve been there, done that,
and trust me…
Things would definitely be fine!

What makes you write? Share your views

ETA:Thanks Privy for letting me know about the Write Tribe Prompt.
Linking it to Write Tribe

Be positive, Be grateful,
Keep Smiling,

19 thoughts on “I write…

    1. Hi Richa,
      We read blogs, we read others experiences, that's when we relate to a particular situation. We come to know of new ways to deal a particular situation:)

      That's why I write mainly:)

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