Fun with Samu-2

Random and funny
conversations with Samu

While looking at my marriage snaps

Samu: Mumma, aap toh kitne different
lagte ho.

Me: Do I look beautiful Samu?

Samu (thinks for sometime): Aap toh bahut
thin the, mumma ab toh bahut fat ho gaye ho

Me: Still wondering, why I wanted her to see the
marriage album!

Trying to learn Tamil

Samu: Mumma, stomach ko Tamil mein  kya
bolte hain?

Me: Wayar

Samu: Wire….woh toh light mein hota hain

Me: This is different Wayar, beta.

Samu: Tamil, kitna funny hain mumma.

Me: Huh!!!! Ya


Office and work

Samu: Mein badi hoke, aapke office mein
job karungi.

Me: Why Samu?

Samu: Wahan, Suresh, Radhika, Ann,
Ashmitha, Priyanka, sab honge na. Hum sab kitna fun karenge

Me: Samu, you will grow up na, tab mumma
aur mumma ke friends old ho jayenge.

Samu: No….meri mumma, old nahi hogi…aur
ho gayi toh, Garnier Colour Naturals laga lena.

Me: still trying to control my laughter!
On Punishments
Mumma aaj office mat jao
Me: No darling, mumma has lot of deadlines

Samu: Deadline….matlab, line Mar gaya

Me: Na re, matlab, u have homework na to finish, vaise hi I have work.

Samu: toh mumma aapka deadline nahi hua, toh aapko punish karenge..??? Office
ke bahar stand karna padega!! No…..u go to office

Me: !!!

On Photos and

I am discussing with a friend about my Profile
picture and the likes I got, and Samu over hears the conversation. Later that
day she asks me

Samu: Mumma, mere photo ko kitna like

Me: What????

Samu: Aapne morning ko mere photo Google
mein daale the na

Me: Wondering what to reply!

 On Songs

While listening to Aashiqui 2 Song, Sunraha hain na tu, ro raha hoon main

Samu: Kitna dard hain na mumma…. Uncle ro
rahe hain

Me: yeah!!!


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Be Positive,
Be grateful,

18 thoughts on “Fun with Samu-2

    1. I started recording these chats with her in a journal and whenever, I feel low, I used to re-read them..and have a hearty laugh 🙂

      I am so happy it could make you smile as well 🙂

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