I feel Blessed!

I thank technology,

When at 12 am, a blogger friend sends a
birthday wish, recorded in her voice through Whatsapp!

I am grateful to have a sibling,

Who is the first one to surprise me, with
flowers, cake and a cute teddy!

I am so happy,

When my six-yr old, makes a cute cake
card for me!

I feel so loved,

When hubby takes me out for dinner and
ensures that, I get to eat all my favourite food stuff!

I feel blessed,

When I receive so many emails, messages and
FB wishes!

I am truly touched,

By the unconditional love and support of
some special people!

And as promised in my previous post, here
are some pictures of my birthday celebrationsJ

Teddy….cute little

Flowers sent by sister


Books sent by Privy


I’ve taken part in Ultimate BlogChallenge; however, I couldn’t post for last two days. I am planning to schedule
posts, this weekend, so that, I do not miss out on reading other blogs.

Be positive,
Be grateful,
Keep Smiling,


5 thoughts on “I feel Blessed!

  1. WOW! could see from the pics how much you enjoyed your b'day party.The flowers sent by yr sis are just p r e t t y. the cake, the books sent by Privy, yr time spent with office colleagues etc are just lovely.These memories are a treasure.

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