Book Review- An Appointment with Death

I was never a fan of thrillers until one day when I
read John Grisham. His writing made me fall in love with the thriller genre. The
writer’s ability to hold the interest of the reader till the very end is the
biggest challenge in the thriller genre and that’s where some authors may fall
short. However there are some authors who ensure that you bite off all your
nails, by the time you finish reading the book.

When Sachin Nirhali approached me for reviewing his
book, ‘An Appointment with Death’, I immediately said yes. The title and the
cover design both made me curious, instantly. I really loved the black and grey
background with the red letters in bold. The hand that holds the knife gives
the cover a more realistic look, doesn’t it? The blurb was equally intriguing
as the title and I waited eagerly for the book to arrive.
“Amit Choudhary is a
vile, unscrupulous builder of Thane, a bustling satellite city of Mumbai.
Although married, itches to lay girls on and off. Vaishali Chitnis, a
college-going girl, gets ensnared in his murky net, but suddenly, the tables
turn and Amit finds himself at the receiving end. While there are many out
there who are willing to give anything to see him dead, foremost among them is
an eminent lawyer, Amrish Agarwal, who has an ax to grind against him. The
lawyer’s hassled legal secretary, Ashu Kulkarni, has vowed to get to the root
of the murky matter and send him packing from the legal firm. Suddenly Amit
gets murdered in his “Chandrama” bungalow, sending shock waves
throughout the city. And while the police are still on the lookout for the
elusive killer, a blackmailer, out of the blue, appears on the scene. To make
matters worse, a girl is suddenly found dead in mysterious circumstances
beneath the secluded seven-story building. Time is running out for the police,
who are still groping in the dark. They have to swoop down now on the killer,
who is still at large, and apprehend him before the third murder rocks the

The book arrived as a blessing on a lazy Saturday
afternoon and I immediately started reading it. The story begins with the
everyday challenges that Ashu Kulkarni, a legal secretary faces at a famous law
firm ‘Sharma and Associates’. Sachin has done an admirable job of describing a
woman’s helplessness when it comes to handling her desperate boss. Just when
Ashu is caught amidst the dilemma of quitting or continuing the job, she
overhears a conversation, which might help her in confronting Amrish Agarwal,
her boss. Then begins the chase as each character in the story unfolds a secret
leading to ‘An Appointment with Death’

The best part of the book is the way the characters
are introduced, one at a time and how they are all connected to one single
thread. Each character in the book is well defined and they are there for a
purpose. I personally liked Ashu and the romantic relation of Ashu of Manish. The
college life of Anil, Bonny and Vaishali, reminded me of the movie, Khiladi.

The first few chapters of the book move quite slowly
and at one point of time, I just felt the urge to keep it down. And I did take
a break of two days, but the story kept playing on my mind. I was curious to
know what would happen next and this curiosity, led me to pick up the book
again and I finished the entire book in just 4 hours. It was simply
un-put-down-able. The language is quite simple and that makes the book an easy read.
The author has managed to hold the suspense till the end and the twist in the
plot at the end creates all the magic!

The narration of some scenes was done wonderfully,
however at some places I felt the detailing was not needed. Too much detailing
at times takes away the charm of an awesome plot, especially if it is a
suspense story. In few chapters I found spelling mistakes. I hope the editors
take note of this and ensure that they are corrected before going ahead with
further prints.

Sachin Nirhali, as a debutant has done a fantastic
job and I am looking forward to read more stories from him. Through his distinctive
writing style he has successfully shown, how greed and lust can ruin an
innocent person’s life. If you are someone who loves reading thriller stories,
then do go ahead and get your copy from Amazon.
Happy reading!
Be Grateful,
Keep Smiling,

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