The Power of Beliefs

As a parent have
you ever wondered why your child behaves ina specific way that limits their
development, though they have tremendous potential. Have you ever thought what
might be happening at a deeper level such that it affects the performance of a
child? What if you can redesign your child’s life, now.

unconsciously sow the seeds of limiting beliefs using certain words or phrases
to label their children. The most common ones are ‘naughty’, ‘hyperactive’,
stubborn’, ‘slow learner’, ‘you can’t handle this’ or ‘this is not for you’.

As the child
grows, these seeds of doubt grow as a deep rooted belief and affect a child’s
behavior and influence their identity.

These beliefs
control the decisions that a child makes and highly influences their perception
of the world.

As parents it is
our responsibility to instill empowering beliefs in our child. But how can we
do that, if we ourselves are chained to limiting beliefs? Now what is the
difference between a limiting and an empowering belief? “
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PS: This weekend
it’s time to reflect. What are some of your useful beliefs, share them with me

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