Those 21 minutes

to hunger and thirst, our basic human need is for storytelling”,
says Khalil Gibran.

many times have you shared your life experience with your friends and realised
that they too have at some point of time faced the similar situations as you
did? I am sure this has happened with all of us. Our experiences become our
stories that we keep telling ourselves and others. Perhaps an event or a
situation or a person taught us a life lesson and by sharing this with others,
we consciously or unconsciously sow a seed of transformation within them.

is reason many people love reading autobiographies and memoirs, as they give us
a chance to step into the shoes of the narrator. As readers when we do that, we
are able to see things in a different light and our perceptions shift and we
start to question our beliefs. A story with a strong message can be interpreted
in many ways by different people and that’s where the power of a ‘true story’ lies. Stories are wonderful
transformational tools and our grandparents used this tool to the fullest. Even
today many of our beliefs are shaped around the stories we heard and absorbed
as a child, isn’t it?

Burns, the Director of Tall Tales, a premier live storytelling organization in
Mumbai, believes in the immense power of true stories. Every month he hosts a
live event, wherein five storytellers come and share a personal true story in
front of an audience. You can read about my first storytelling experience here
and here.

who have my confession letter asked me what made me attempt suicide. At my
second storytelling event, I shared my life story. To say that it was
challenging would be an understatement. Initially I struggled to control my
tears, but later I let them flow….for it was a part of the healing journey. I
wanted the world to understand the significance of a single powerful belief,
how it can ruin or build your life.

I was narrating the story, I saw the audience smile, cry and smile again with
me. After the narration, each one from the audience came and hugged me tightly.
I was touched by this experience. Each one shared their experiences and it was
a surreal experience for me.

was a memorable Sunday for me. I shared the video of my event on Facebook and
the whole day my phone was buzzing with calls, messages, encouraging comments, likes
and shares. I am at loss of words to express my gratitude to each one of you
for liking and sharing my video. I want this story to reach out to someone who
is perhaps feeling low, lonely, depressed. To someone who just needs a ray of
hope to carry on. To someone who just lost a friend or is going through some un-resourceful
phase. To someone who feels they are not loved or accepted.
read this a few months back and I completely agree to this.
“Stories allow us to
travel, time and again, outside the circumscribed spaces of what we believe and
what we think possible. It is these journeys- sometimes tenuous, sometimes exhilarating
– that inspire and steel us to navigate uncharted territories in real life.”
the video of my story. Hope this video changes the way you look at life or at
least gives you more choices to respond to life more differently. I strongly
believe that life is not what happened to
you, but what you chose to make out of what happened to you.
Looking forward to your comments and thoughts.

Love and Gratitude,


13 thoughts on “Those 21 minutes

  1. Gayu I watched the video yesterday and it left me speechless! I cried with you too, but the hope filled and inspiring message in the end was so beautiful that I smiled. More power to you! Lots of love!!

  2. Gayatri – I just watched the video on youtube after it was shared on twitter and I immediately hopped on to Google to find your blog and follow you. It is easy sharing personal stories that leave us hurt and the ones we prefer to forget. You did that with a lot of poise and I could see the turmoil of emotions you were going through. I wish you a life full of happiness and may every day be better than the one before. Stay blessed!


    1. Thank you so muchParul for your kind words. It wasn’t easy for me, but now when I see such encouragement…it was worth it! Thanks a ton for your wishes 🙂 Stay connected

  3. I am glad that you shared your story, Gayatri, even more glad that you made it through all the tough times and found a way to handle your pains in a better way. Your survival story is sure an inspiration to many.

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