How meditation helped me overcome Depression

Yesterday I spoke on, how writing helped me to get over the feelings of depression. Thank you readers for your comments, likes and shares, I am grateful to each one of you.

After writing down my thoughts and questioning them, I turned towards meditation. I enrolled for the Art of Living’s course- Sudarshan Kriya. It helped me heal the allergies and bronchitis; however I was yet to experience something magical.

Every day I sat for 30 minutes to meditate. I observed my thoughts as I relaxed the muscles in my body. However after 10 minutes my mind started to wander…either in the past or in the future. When my thoughts went to my past, I consciously brought them to the present, but when it started worrying about the future, I struggled to meditate. On most days I gave up meditating midway and that left me frustrated for the rest of the day.

While meditating, I wanted to see a bright light, some awakening within and hear some divine voices. I was expecting some miracle to happen. Over the years I’ve observed that most people like me, have some expectations when they begin meditating and when those expectations aren’t fulfilled, they give up.

However, the moment we give up the expectations and flow with the experience, magic starts happening. Here’s how I experienced the magic of meditation.

Every day, the moment I woke up, I observed that there was a continuous chatter going on in my mind. My thoughts, like a pendulum kept oscillating between the past and the future. However there were some moments when my mind became completely blank and there was pure silence. These magical moments happened when I was anchoring a show, dancing or listening to music. I experienced a strange peace of mind when I played with my daughter. It was as if, I was in the moment, experiencing everything so fully that there was just silence in my mind. I enjoyed this feeling…this silence and that’s when I realized I already knew the art of meditation, it was just that I wasn’t using it effectively.

Since that day, every morning I started meditating on the emotions I want to experience. I was tired of feeling lonely, insecure and unwanted. I wanted to feel love, joy, peace, bliss, happiness and security.

How meditation helped me overcome depression

Please note that this technique may or may not work for you; however I urge you to try this method for few days and then share your experience with me.

  1. Choose a comfortable place to sit in silence for at least 5 minutes. It could be your bed, living room couch, a chair or a yoga mat. Ensure that you are not distracted by anybody. Kindly switch off your mobile phone and any other technological devices.
  1. Sit in a position that is comfortable to you. You may choose to sit cross-legged or on a chair with your foot touching the floor. Whichever position you choose, make sure that your spine is straight.
  1. Now with your eyes open or closed, I want you to go back to any amazing experience you might have had in the past. It could be a vacation or any lovely memory from your childhood. It could be any event that brings the feelings of joy, happiness, excitement, fun, bliss, peace and love.

I experienced bliss, joy, peace and happiness during my first vacation in Goa. The memories of that visit are very vivid and they are my powerful anchors.

  1. I want you to relive that moment now, as you continue to breathe in and out. I want you to see what you are seeing, hear what you are hearing and feel what you are feeling. Go back to that memory and relive it now, fully and as you continue to do that I want you to observe, how there are certain sensations happening within your body now, how you are breathing more fully and how your mind is becoming more and more silent and calmer.

Every morning, I go back to the time when I sat by the beach… watching the sunset, listening to the sound of the waves, feeling the fresh breeze kiss my cheeks and my foot immersed in the cool water.

  1. Stay in this experience as long as you want and if you wish to amplify these feelings of bliss, happiness, peace and joy...all you need to do is, keep reliving more moments where you experienced bliss, joy, happiness and peace. As you continue to amplify these feelings with every breath you take, you may observe that your mind does not wander and even if it wanders, you are not affected by it anymore.
  1. Once you start feeling the silence within, you may choose to open your eyes and start your day refreshed with an empowered state of mind.

As I continue to relive those moments, I notice a shift in my breathing pattern and slowly my mind calms down. I go into a state where my mind is blank…thoughtless and this is best state to start my day.


There many other ways to meditate some people prefer to chant a mantra like ‘Om’, some people prefer to meditate on an image of a spiritual guru they follow or of a God or Goddess. Some people prefer to observe and concentrate on their breath. You may choose any form of meditation that comforts and silences your mind.

I’ve tried all the above and the best one that works for me; I’ve shared with you in this post.

The changes I observed in me after this meditation:

  1. My ability to focus on any task at hand has increased.
  2. Earlier without eight hours of sleep I felt lethargic, however now I sleep for four to five hours, deeply and wake up refreshed.
  3. I am able to manage and redirect my emotions effectively.
  4. My creative abilities started enhancing.
  5. I am able to connect more easily with myself and others.

 Meditation is like building a sanctuary

Do you meditate? If yes, how do you meditate? How has meditation helped you? I am eager to read your experiences. If you have ever struggled meditating then I urge you to try this technique and share your experience with me.

Tomorrow I shall talk about connecting with nature and how it helped me in this journey of recovery. Till then continue to spread love and joy wherever you go and gift a smile to everyone you meet.

Love and Gratitude,


8 thoughts on “How meditation helped me overcome Depression

  1. Good Article Gayatri,

    Very correctly stated. Initially when we meditate, there is lot of thoughts. Observing them without getting involved helped me get over them.
    With some practice I felt so lively, my body felt light and energetic.
    Initially I also anchored past happy / blissful moments. I also used imagination to create a blissful anchor.

    But after some time, the experience of meditation, and the inner peace and blank state it gave became one of the most powerful anchoring state.

    Now I am in the moment most of the times.

    The best part is that now I get into this blissful state on demand.

    I wanted to share this experience with you. I am doing meditation for the past two years.

    1. Great….continue to do all that, that brings peace and allows you to be in a state of mind, where things flow, easily and you are able to give your 100% fully!

      Stay blessed

  2. Very interesting way of silencing d mind ..jayashree I wud wnt to knw hw can I get siddhi into meditation… She seems inter ested .sumtimes we both observe 10 min silence closing our eyes..

  3. I to have been going through similar feelings situations yes I agree meditation does change me and am gonna try from now 😊 with smile on my face loving you dear
    I loved this article Gayatri.
    I am going to try this technique now. Immediately after posting

  4. Yes I made this day fruit full 😊☺ by doing meditation finally haha☺ twice a day iam gonna Continue… Ya little slight difference started I do feel…

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