A Dream!

 I wait n watch
as a dream unfolds,
Slowly, yet beautifully!

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They say, I am a girl,
They say, it’s difficult,
They say, I am too young,
They say, I can’t…
I turn a deaf ear to what they say,
I am determined to find my own way.

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I don’t know the outcome,
I just put my best
And leave the rest.
I believe, I can
so here I stand
And watch a dream unfold,
Slowly, yet beautifully!

PS: This again is a poem, I wrote during my 10th Std vacations. It was one of the best vacations I had, I learnt to read and write, Tamil and Malayalam. I explored my creativity, I wrote poems and yes I dreamt of people reading what I wrote…and here today, that dream has unfolded! Thanks so much folks for reading my blog and inspiring me! I am truly grateful to you all!

Be positive, Be grateful,

8 thoughts on “A Dream!

  1. Gayu,

    Caught up with all pending posts. I find no words to tell how much I loved reading all. Your advice in 8 letter word is so much needed. I agree with you what you told your diary. How can one be bored when there is so much to read and write? One needs to de-clutter not only home or work but mind too. Your letters to Samu show how children can make one's day. Beautiful poems, hope to read all in collection published as book some day. What did you do in I Did It?

    Take care

    1. Hehehehe! I don't know about beautiful, but ya, I loved writing poems. I always loved the poetry section of our English textbooks.And this love made me experiment:)

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