Book Review- Frankly Spooking

What does the
name suggest? What could be the book about?

Now, look at the
book cover below, any guesses, what the genre could be?
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am sure you all are as curious as I was, when I first heard about this book,
from my dear friend, now an author, Privy Trifles. My curiosity transformed
into interest, when I got to know that this book was a collection of spooky short
stories. I’ve never read horror stories, for that matter, I would not sleep for
nights after watching ‘The Zee Horror Show’ and ‘Ahaat’. However, this time, I
thought of giving it a try, as Privy mentioned, they were a collection of short
stories. So at least, I had an option of not reading further, just in case I
find it too scary!

first story in the book itself, will lead to Goosebumps all over your body! And as you continue reading, each
story will take you to places, be it the Tattoo shop or Mohini’s bungalow or Dada’s
old house. The language used in the narration is simple, yet effective and
gripping. The climax in some stories is predictable; however some twists in
some stories will leave you with a chill, trust me! The best part of Sri’s
writing is the intriguing Story titles and
the way the characters take shape in each of the story. However, I felt that
some of the stories could have been much longer.
The look in his eyes, is SPOOKY!

personal favourites from the book, ‘Director’s Cut’, ‘Inked’, ‘The Road’, ‘Team
Player’ (Superb narration) and ‘Blogosphere’. Frankly speaking, Fear has a new name now and that is, Sriramana
Muliya. He has done a fantastic job as a first time author and that too for the
horror genre. I think Sri can try as a Scriptwriter for serials like, ‘Fear Files’
and ‘Bhoot Aaya’ !

highly recommend this book to teenagers, who have just started reading horror
stories or are interested to read the horror genre. I would also recommend this
book to anyone out there, who is a fan of Short and Spooky stories. However, I
would also want to warn you, please don’t read the book before going to sleep,
for you may never know, what sounds will rise from the dark corners of your
bedroom…. ‘Croak’… ‘Croak’… * Evil Laughter*…hehehehehe!

you so much Privy Trifles, for giving me this opportunity to read a new genre
and Sri, I am eagerly waiting to read more ‘Spooky
To know more about the author and to read his stories, do visit his blog, ‘Maligant Humor in My Head’
Like me, I am sure you all also love reading, don’t you? What
are some of the genres that you prefer to read? Which authors book do you read more?

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7 thoughts on “Book Review- Frankly Spooking

  1. A Good review, Gayu 🙂 Loved the way you wrote it 🙂 The soul of Sri's stories lies in their brevity, in most cases….but in some cases, even I wish they were a bit longer , so that suspense is even more thrilling 🙂

  2. Thank you Gayatri! And to answer you both (Sreeja, thanks!), the book might not have been projected as it should have been. The stories are what they call 'flash' stories, or as some enlightened souls would like to call – 'sketch' stories. Even I wasn't aware of that format, but well, nonetheless…

    I do understand the reader's predicament, but the stories were as such, written that way. Of course upcoming books will be longer. I'm currently penning a full length novel, a psychological crime thriller so to say, so hope it'll keep one engaged. 🙂

    Thanks so much, once again.

  3. I have keen interest in spooky reads and flicks but it has to be really scary. Generally, they don't scare me.

    This book seems interesting!

    I generally like reading contemporary women/romance/paranormal fiction but The Almond Tree, Ex and Happy Birthday somehow changed my perception and I think I should try some other genres too….:)

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