A five-point Mantra- Guest Post 2

I know how eagerly you all
are waiting for the guest posts, but yesterday due to some internet
connectivity issues, I couldn’t publish the post. But now that the connection
is restored, let’s move ahead…

One of the best gifts that
bloggers get is the easy access to read some amazing blogs. Last month I
discovered one such blog with some thought provoking write-ups. Her writing is
simple yet profound. This is one of my favourite posts from her blog.

Join me in welcoming the
Uma Chellapa who blogs at My Musings. Thak you so much Uma !
A lovely smile!


A five-point Mantra

When Gayatri requested me for a
guest post, as a part of her blog’s fourth anniversary, I was fraught with
mixed feelings. I’d never written a guest post before which made me a little
apprehensive. It’s one thing to write on your own blog and completely another
thing to write as a guest. The responsibility increases manifold. Yet, I was
also overjoyed to write for someone like Gayatri who is a lovely blogger and a
great orator.

Anniversaries are great occasions
to step back and take stock; a time to introspect, to reflect upon the
relationship and to take charge of things that may have not gone as per the
plan. In a way, bloggers are in a relationship with their blog and through the
blog with themselves since the blog is an extension of the self. As with any
other relationship, this too requires love, care and nourishment for it to grow
and thrive.

Writing, like any other creative
pursuit, can be a source of great satisfaction. Ironically, it can also lead to
frequent upheavals in the pursuer’s emotional health because it is unlike any
other desk job. Here, you offer a part of yourself to the general audience. Hence,
it’s easy to feel disappointed and disillusioned along the way.

I’d like to share a ‘five-point mantra’ that my spouse
espouses in general life and encourages me to adopt in my creative pursuits. These
golden rules have kept me afloat in times of despair. I hope you find them
useful too.

With scores of writers around, each prolific in their own right, it is easy to
fall prey to self-doubts and disengage from your goals. Never evaluate your
worth by comparing yourself with others. Each person’s growth chart will be
different. Seeking motivation from within rather than from external sources
helps in maintaining momentum.

Modesty is nice. Putting self down in the guise of modesty is, but, a dangerous
habit. It’s also an indication that you don’t believe in yourself as much as
you’d like others to. I’m guilty of taking this route too. Accepting praise and
compliments gracefully, as a dear friend told me once, is one of the keys to
valuing yourself.

Worry less about what
others think
: How often I’ve cringed and beat myself up for a blunder I may
have committed! It’s not worth it. My favourite quote from a book I’m reading
currently is, “People don’t notice your mistakes as much as you think”. Indeed,
once we shift the focus from others to what we feel and think it’s easier to
forgive ourselves for the mistake and move on.

It’s not easy but
don’t give up
: My husband is my soundboard when I feel down and out. One
thing he never tires of saying is that while you can survive being an average
worker in large organisations, you cannot remain an ‘average’ in a creative
arena. It’s a tougher peak to climb, no doubt, but never give up.

Keep updating your
: I struggle with this area. I’ve come to realize that many a times
we are stuck in a rut because we limit ourselves in terms of knowledge or
style. Reading different genres, for example, will open up a different
perspective, experimenting with a genre or style of writing that is different
from yours lets you re-invent. Learning a new technique related to your hobby,
keeping abreast with newer technology, can keep you ahead in these competitive

What is the life mantra-in general or field related- that
you follow? Would you care to share?
About Uma:

Uma is your typical lady next
door who tries to juggle the many aspects of her identity-that of a wife,
mother, blogger, singer and a freelance content writer-with finesse and
sincerity.  Academically, she holds a Master’s
in Commerce and a Diploma in German language. She worked as a translator in the
corporate sector for a while before giving it up to look after her newborn.
Blogging happened four years ago as a fortunate chance and it was then she
realized that writing was something she had never explored so far but enjoyed
doing. The connections and friendships she established as a blogger is
something she always holds close to her heart. She writes at
as the muse strikes in prose, poetry or at times fiction.

PS: See you tommorrow with a new guest and a new post 🙂
Keep smiling,
Be grafetul,

17 thoughts on “A five-point Mantra- Guest Post 2

  1. Loved your post, Uma! It really was so helpful. There are times, when I do come down rather heavily on myself and my writing. At times, I get stuck in a rut or get disheartened altogether. It was good to read your post and learn somethings from it that sure are going to help me in the future. Thanks a lot and all the very best for your future posts!

  2. Very good tips particularly on accepting gracefully. When we accept gracefully we also allow the giver to experience the joy of giving. My mantra for life is go with the flow, be Zen and let it go.

  3. Very valuable lessons/learnings which are crucial life skills too. I believe strongly in the mantra you shared. Yes, it’s not easy but don’t give up. I believe everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. So, keep trying!

  4. Beautiful 5-point someone 🙂 Staying happy with who you are while striving to better yourself for your own sake is the best thing possible. The more we get out of the murky pool of expectations, the better it is for us! Well written Uma.

    Thank you for hosting her, Gayatri 🙂

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